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Teamwork is the Key!

Last week, Natalie, Diana, and Allan and I were all amped up to do some PvP, praying that we would rise up in rank. FINALLY. I mean, for MONTHS, we couldn't even rank up from Veteran because there were just too many serious players who just knew how to beat us. Also, Allan was private and he swore that he totally sucked at PvP. He said he couldn't win a match. But, by god, we were determined! We wanted to TRY!

After practicing as a team in PvP, we slowly got better and got used to each other's playing styles. Step by step, we started to climb. We couldn't believe it. Could it be?! Are we really getting better? Yes we lost a few and won a little. But that was enough to boost our courage and confidence. We were working together like a well oiled machine.

We started to beat players that were higher rank than us. We started to raise in rank. Me, Natalie and Diana became Captains. Allan became Sergeant and he said he never won a PvP before? Omg, are we that good? Can't be. Must be luck. But we did it again. We shouted, jumped and cheered for joy! We knew we weren't perfect, but at least we were on our way! We knew there will be more fights and we will still lose some. But this moment is precious to us because we finally found our key and the key is Teamwork! And of course, teamwork with the right people.

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