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Updates from Celestia Test Realm

I will mention the important updates only.

**New quest in Grizzlehim; Orn in Vigrid Roughland. Nothing to get excited over. It plainly was an horribly easy quest.

For Subscribers ONLY:
*Energy will refill twice as fast
*Backpack will be up to 120 slots
*Crafting Timers will reset twice as fast
*Friend List will be up to 120 people.

*You can't garden your floating plants. Means once the real game is updated, take them down.
*New Gardening Icons for plants

Crown Shop:
*Some Gold Prices have changed (Sea Dragon now sells for 30k Gold)
*Sale Tab will be changed to Featured Tab and will be for both Sale and Non-Sale items.

Will be removed from Crown Shop and from Zeke:
*White Mare Mount
*Purple Glider Mount
*Faithful Dragoness
*Celestian Sword

*Ice Hound will cast their own spells!!
*Polar cat will give 1 Dragonblade card
*Jade Oni and Earthwalker pets will have a chance of having spells that match their school
*Your Pet Stats explain much MORE clearer what your pet does have when you mouse over your pet's name in your book.

*Whoever owns a PvP circle now can boot players ENGAGED in a duel. HAHAHA!
*GH will have new wallpapers and floors
*Pots and plants now count towards your housing item count. :( No more "Gardening Count"

*Efreet's Weakness now can be removed by Cleanse Charm
*Selwyn Skywatcher and Unimatus won't cheat anymore. So many pros and cons about that.
*New TC's in Crown Shop called "Hands of Doom" They have TC's of Bosses such as Malistaire, one of the Raven Covens - Kol Shadowsong, Meowarity, Krokopatra. But they are school specific. So very important to look at the card before putting in your deck, otherwise you have to trade to your other wiz.
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