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Cody Raventhorn's House: The Secret Garden

Last week, I visited the most gorgeous house I have ever seen.
And it was created by Cody Raventhorn who said he got his idea from a book cover.
WOW! I promptly told him I MUST have this built on my own Myth house.
This is a girl's dream house, well for the outside that is!

Now our tour starts!

The outside general view

The front view. Don't you love that entry of the Minotaur and hedges? Simply marvelous!

As you enter, you will see two paths. Am taking the right path first.

This is a stunning display of Ambrose and the candles.
He did the candles in a perfect line which was amazing!
This is such a perfect tribute to the wizard who started us off on our path
through the Spiral.

I loved the pavilion, but I couldn't get to it from the ground.

Had to go all way back to the door and there was a secret platform behind that
allowed me to drop down to the platform. Hehe. So clever!

Nice View right?!

Behind this bridge, there was another floor made out of Metal Platform that you could climb
to YET another Metal Platform above it.

Stunning view

Now back to the Minotaur and taking the Second Path:

This path was easily overlooked which I liked.
Celestian Warrior Statue with mini games. So cute!

Another metal Platform but with Mooshu style.
There was two Jade Onis hidden in the planters
and folders between them.
If you climbed the folders, UP YOU GO!

That mannequin looked so real to us. We thought it was a real person ROFL!
The perfect bartender.
It had a cozy feeling while we stood around and chatted with a cold soda in our hands.

Then there was a space to jump down from. Good thing we didn't break our legs.

But it didn't end there. there was another bridge we had to go through.

I love that Obsidian Firecat statue. So pretty!
Then we had to go back to the platform and to all way back of it.
We climbed up the broken land stairs up to the island in the sky.

Gorgeous view with the MB crown pond and all!

And this ended the tour and left me breathless.
Every time I think of this house, it just takes my breath away.

I can't believe Cody Raventhorn actually topped himself!! Way to go, Cody!!

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