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The Great Maze!

I had the greatest adventure today. I found myself in the biggest and the most fun maze ever! After exploring his houses for a LONG time, I turned to the creator, Cody Raventhorn and asked him where in the world did he think up those mazes and buildings.

For the Dragon Fjord, he said he wanted to create a dungeon in his house since it is like a castle inside. And of course, no castle should not be without a dungeon. And he wanted outside to be more roomier since there was a small size of land. He wanted it to be jungle like and he said for others who are interested in creating, lots of plants are necessary. He said they help blend in a lot of things and make it more realistic. He said he spent a few days creating inside and a few days creating outside.

As for his Crown Storm House, he said it took longer, about 4 days inside and 3 days outside. He worked hard to make sure inside was all from CL. His main intention was to drive people crazy. Personally, I think it worked! ROFL! 

Cody's Dragon Fjord House

Cody's Storm House Part A

Cody's Storm House Part B

Enjoy! And by the way, there's one more video coming of yet ANOTHER house of Cody's.
If you guys have a house that is creatively made like Cody's, please do contact me and I would love to see it!
I will make a video out of it and interview you for it!

Happy Exploring!
The Great Maze! The Great Maze! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Sunday, March 06, 2011 Rating: 5

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  1. Um, I made a video of this house too, here it is (rotflmao)


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