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Morganthe; how I hope I will someday spell that correctly.. - Chapter 1

There was a Morgana Le Fay fable that said a horn will be used by someone unfaithful who accidently blows the horn. Therefore, unleashing the evil dreaded Morganthe.

A younger brother and older sister walks on a back trail in the woods. The boy notices a cave 50 feet away through the woods and decides to explore. The big sister says "No, don't go in there. You don't know if there's bears in there or something. I'm not responsible if something eats you. I don't wanna be grounded because of you!"

The brother replies, "Oh please you're always so paranoid! Will you just liven it up!" He resumes walking and goes into the cave which luckily is empty. As he explores, he comes upon a horn sitting behind a rock in the back of the cave. "Oh awesome! Look at this thing! It's a horn! I wonder what does it do? I wonder why it was hidden all way back in there??"

"Oh you better put that down. It's dirty and if it's hidden, who knows what it could do? It could be evil or whatever." The sister scoffs. 

"Really, wow. You're that paranoid? PLEASE!!! It's just a HORN!" The boy shakes his head in disgust. He again looks at the horn which feels so big in his hands.  "I wonder how it sounds." 

"DON'T BLOW IT! I have a bad feeling! Seriously, come on!!"

He scoffs and blows it. The sister plugs her ears, shuts her eyes and hides behind a rock. There's a loud BOOM! sound and Morganthe appears in a huge puff of purple smoke. 

"AH it feels so good to be free!!!" Morganthe says. She looks down and notices the boy right in front of her. He's shell shocked and is speechless.

"I TOLD YOU!!!" the sister screams from behind of the rock.

"Ah, are you children my new slaves? I guess so," Morganthe laughs cruelly. "We have a lot of work to take over the spiral and get rid of that bothersome Ambrose. Come my children!"
Morganthe; how I hope I will someday spell that correctly.. - Chapter 1 Morganthe; how I hope I will someday spell that correctly.. - Chapter 1 Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Monday, March 21, 2011 Rating: 5

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