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Mount Contest List

Will keep updating the list once I find out more info about each.

Scavenger Hunt Saturday 6pm CENTRAL
Find clues from twitter

There will be 5 different contest announced between April 1st and April 5th. The contests will each run for 2 days, so there will usually be 2 contests at a time.

The First contest will be a to solve a "Puzzle".

The Second Puzzle will be "Your Favorite Dialogue in Game" contest.

The Third contest will be to "Create an Image with Color, or Words of An Item you Want Added into the Game".

The last two are currently secret, so stay awake everyone!

The Awesome Pyromancer's Diary has a contest for Dark Redwing Dragons

Ditto Wizard has a contest for Snappy Lobsters 
Details will be posted on the 2nd.

Wizard101 Central has a contest for Starshine Ponies

Paige's Page on Wizard101 Central has a contest for Royal Lionesses - Details will be posted on 1st
Wizard101 Central Wiki has a contest for Bat Wings

There will be 3 contests

1. Scavenger Hunt
2. Come find us in game 

3. Random Drawing

Scavenger Hunt Prizes
10 Starshine Pony Mounts

10 Royal Lioness Mounts

Come Find Us In Game Prizes
4 Starshine Pony Mounts
2 Royal Lioness Mounts

Random Drawing Prizes
1 Starshine Pony Mount
3 Royal Lioness Mounts
KingsIsle also donated 15 permanent Batwing mounts to the Wizard101 Central Wiki Masters. They will also be holding a contest here on Central.

Links to the contests will be posted on Central on April 1st 2011

Petnome Project has a contest for Proud Lions

Miss out on the above contest?  Well, there's another contest coming up shortly, starting on April 1st!  (And no, this is not an April Fools' joke; we swear on Kevin's Defender Pig!!)  Ever wanted a*Permanent* Proud Lion mount?  The Petnome Project Team will proudly give away three (3) of them each day, on April 1st through April 5th!  Keep your eyes peeled here for instructions on how to win -- we'll be putting some of our PPC2 contestants' Contest Ideas to work!  Catch you on the first!

Mount Giveaway Contest #1:  Scavenger Hunt

On 4/1/11, at 10 AM Pacific, some clues in the form of a riddle will be placed in this Announcements section.  Each of these clues will require you to figure out which five (5) Talents and/or Derby Skills the riddle is referring to.  Permanent Proud Lion Mounts will be distributed once three correct submissions have been received!  

Homework in a Graveyard has a contest for Swiftshadow Wings

A Mythspent Youth has a contest for Ancient Koi

Friendly Necromancer has a contest for Moonlight Ponies

Sorcerer's Corner has a contest for Blue Dragons

West Karana has a contest for Manta Rays

I’m going to tell you a few facts about manta rays, and at the end I’m going to ask you a question about manta rays. Leave a comment with your answer, and I will randomly choose fifteen of the correct answers and send you a code for a Permanent Manta Ray mount!
A couple of rules before we get started: Make sure you leave an e-mail address where you can be reached with the comment — there’s a field for it. Don’t put your e-mail address in the body of the comment, spammers will find it there.
Second, the contest will run from Wednesday, March 30 to Thursday, April 7th.

The Shadowthistle School of Wizardry has a contest for Dream Fillies

I'm having a 3-part contest.  Each section of the contest will have five winners. 

SECTION 1 (5 mount prizes)

To enter, you must do some Wizard101 photo editing.  I don't care what it is, but it has to be Wizard101-related and it has to be awesome. 

SECTION 2 (5 mount prizes)
To enter, you must write a poem.  It must be about Wizard101 in some way, it has to be 5 lines or longer, and it MUST rhyme.  No haikus.

SECTION 3 (5 mount prizes)

This is the wild card section.  You can do just about anything, as long as it is Rat Magician themed.  That's right, anything.


Send an email to shadowthistle@aol.com on or before April 7th with the title "SECTION __" (whatever section you're entering).  Include your contest entry as an attachment if it's an image, and in the email text if it's a poem.  No word document attachments, please.  

RULES: (please, please read!)
-Nothing inappropriate.  Duh.
-You can enter more than once, but you can only win once in the entire contest.  You can't win in multiple sections and you can't win multiple times in one section.
-If you enter more than once, put all your entries in ONE email, or else they won't be counted. 
-Make sure your email address is usable, because I will be emailing back your code if you win.
-No entering through the comments on this post.  I won't count any comment entries as valid.
-Any entries after April 7th will not be counted.  Try to submit well before midnight to avoid confusion.

I will judge entries on which ones I think are the coolest/best/most awesome.  There won't be a particular judging system.

Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards has a contest for Chestnut Ponies

There will be 3 ways to enter:
1) Draw a picture of a Wizard related character or Anime related picture for me to post (Email your drawings to: inetsuperman @ yahoo . com (without the spaces))  Your picture can be posted if you want me to or it can simply get you entered into the contest.  * you could randomly win one of 4 chestnut ponies with your drawing and 1 chestnut pony to the best drawing * For each drawing I'll contibute to the Japanese quake relief effort.
*** you can enter more than once by submitting additional drawings ***

2) Sign up to follow the blog  * randomly win 1 of 5 chestnut pony mount *  That's all.  Just sign up to follow and you could win!

3) Random drawing for anyone filling in the survey below.  * randomly win 1 of 5 chestnut pony*  You won't get any emails or spam from this blog EVER, unless you win a pony that is!!!
*** you can enter more than once by visting every day and submitting the form below ***

Diary of a Wizard
15 Sea Turtles
one for each day from April 1st - 7th
Make sure you join DiaryofaWizard.com so you will get an email from them on the 1st about how to enter the contest!!!

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