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Wintertusk: A new world coming soon!

Wizard101 just announced that they are working on a new world called Wintertusk which will continue the storyline in GH! Seems like that one of the areas of Wintertusk is named Jotungaard.
There also will be a new NPC in GH named Grandmother Raven.

Wizard101: Grandmother Raven

She will be in the new world and will explain the mysteries behind the spiral. Should be interesting!!

But, also we will get new spells to earn and new Level 58 pets to have for each main schools.

I'm wondering what new Level 58 pets will be and if they will include Critical and Block in its talents?
And since there will be new spells meaning there will be more points to earn? If so, that's great!

As a bonus, they are bringing back Crab Alley to continue the story of the Crab king after Selena leaves. Am so curious how the story goes.

What's even more, they stated that there are even more surprises coming!

So can't wait!!!

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