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All about April's Producer Letter

You can see the letter in its entirety at: 

My own summary of the entire letter
*We will have to go on really hard quests to get our Legendary Pets. No mixing required for those pets.
*We will receive more Utility spells that will "upgrade" one of the spells that we already have. Like Sun, Moon and Stars type of spells. Meaning we don't get new spells, but we can upgrade one of our own spells and get something new.
*Falmea did hint that Balance school will get a better Healing over time spell. Also Storm will get a spell with greater damage, but more riskier. I wonder why? Hmm?
*They also hint that getting to a trainer will be really hard. Meaning we have to fight a lot just get to the trainer. This is a very interesting thing to think about.
*There will be a hard area in Wintertusk for the top seasoned Legendary players. I predict that there will be a lot of cheating bosses.
*Crab Alley sounds like it's coming REALLY soon! So means test will be even sooner. Get your pets ready for training in Test!
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