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Beautiful Scenery of Wintertusk and Crab Alley

The Start of my Journey through Wintertusk!
(and Diana Wildheart lol)

I'm the one with the bunny ears ROFL!

I want this goblin as my pet!

Storm Raven lol.

Poor Grandma Raven. Stuck in a trap!

Does this guy remind anyone of Donkey Kong?

I love those Goat Mounts. TOO CUTE.

A new Zeke Quest! Introducing the Trogg!

 Grandma Raven as a Crow

Those Wolves look so wicked cool!

 This tree boss cracked me up. He just looks like one weird tree!

Err.. Female Bears. Even with a wig on?

Forest Lord BOSS! WOOT! But he's albino. Hmm, ok.

Beautiful stone engraving of the GH Symbol.

Aww, poor fishes!! X's in their eyes? *whimper*

Halga? Are you sure you're not Helga?
He sells good gear for lower Level 50 wizards.

This was a cool monster, but he's a tower lover in a battle. :(

Oh yes, more crafting!

This is the guy in Nostrilund you need to talk to if you want that Pet Quest.

The Lava of Nastrond - somehow they are beautiful
for something that can kill you instantly if you fall in.

Those ice stairs were just too cool. Are they ice or water? I don't know.
But I felt like a queen walking up those stairs!

Uhmm, yes I'm a Raven. Don't ask me why! Well, it's a secret, of course!

This tree was really neat.
Would be cool if we could plant it in our gardens or lands for decoration.

Haha, does the scenery look familiar?
If you guys read the update notes, you will know what I mean.
If you didn't, shame on you! You missed out on a lot of info lol!

This dragon is STUNNING.
This is the kind of pet I would love to have
or Mount!
I even LOVE the color. Well, of course, I do.
My favorite color is blue. But that's besides the point!

My Goat and Jazzy's standing really close together.
We were wondering why...

Me and Jazzy's Goats staring. Me and Jazzy were getting uncomfortable.

 WOOT! OVERKILL! And honestly that's just too funny.

The Golden Seals of Nastrond.
Didn't realize it was literally the GOLDEN SEALS.


 New Plants growing. Are those Potatoes.. And Antennas?

As for Crab Alley, not much is new except a few things.

A TINY hat on a BIG boss who is a PRETEND king of Crab Alley
who we have to defeat!

This Glowing Fish was the best part of Crab Alley. SERIOUSLY!
It was the most stunning thing I have ever saw.
Couldn't stop staring. 

 You got this gear when you finish Crab Alley
as a reward!

And oh btw, the Waterworks part of Crab Alley is for Legendaries only.
Why? Well, there's a squid boss with 25k health!

Yes but I managed to finish it.. with some LUCK!

And there's still one more mystery we have to unravel..
What are Runestones are for? They do look like GH Transport Stones below.
But they don't do anything. Hmmmmmm...

If you wanna see MORE cool stuff like what spells do we get, what gears we can craft,
what new snacks or whatever you would like to know.

Go to StarsoftheSpiral.com and go to our Test Realm Folder.
It has EVERYTHING for you!
Even guides on how to beat Waterworks and Nastrond.

We even have pictures of new legendary school pets and new hybrid mixes. HEHE.
Don't trip while you're running to the site. BE CAREFUL!

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