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The new Super Bundle Card from Gamestop - The Safari Palace


GameStop Super Bundle - $39

Enormous Safari Palace
War Rhino Mount
Great Axe
Safari Outfit
Giraffe Pet
Mystery Teleport Tapestry
1 Month Sub or 5000 Crowns

Welcome to the Fallon's Safari Palace! All of the pets, gear, house
and etc etc, are credited to Fallon since it was her place.
 I wasn't able to take a picture of the Rhino mount,
but next time I see it, I will take pictures of it.

Close up of the Safari Palace.

Gotta love that view and the orange sky.

This statue reminds me of GH. Bears and that sort of thing. Love it.

Beautiful waterfall, there's a cave behind that that will lead you to an underground cave
with a Gorilla who gives out pet snacks.

The PvP Arena!

So love the tapestry in here and the wall art.

So love the backdrop.

Gorgeous eh? It has 4 huge lower rooms. Notice the hand railing's columns
of lion, elephant and zebra heads.

Right next to the bank, there's three tapestry:
Bazaar, Arena and Nightside.

Bazaar comes with the Nighthhawk card,
Arena comes with the Sun Palace,
Nightside is from the Nightmare Packs.

Beautiful Giraffe pet running around.
Btw, it's a Life School pet, if anyone wonders.

Giraffe dancing lol





Fallon here looks extremely fierce in the outfit.
And yeah the wand looks like a sparkly yellow can opener LOL.

 The top floor. Beautiful Views. It has 4 huge upper rooms

 Whew, that was a LONG ladder down from that crack in the first floor of the palace.

Yeah oh yeah, you gonna eat all of those bananas and not give me some? How very nice. :(
He .. err or she.. is like the genie, but instead of reagents, he/she gives out pet snacks.

This Gorilla has a very nice hairdo if anyone noticed! LOL

Out of the cave and you're back at the waterfall.

THE END! Hope you enjoyed the Tour!
The new Super Bundle Card from Gamestop - The Safari Palace The new Super Bundle Card from Gamestop - The Safari Palace Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Thursday, October 20, 2011 Rating: 5

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