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Guide to Energy Gear

I have put together a complete guide on the best crown energy gear.
I also added information on crafted energy rings and athames.
This way you can see everything in one page and see what suits you the best.

I am Level 80 and I have 140 energy because I got the Pixie Set from Hydra Hoard Packs
for Level 80 and had my crafted Athame from Ingulf the Grower in Vestrilund, WT.
But I changed my crafted ring to an non-auction school ring that was dropped in Avalon
that had 5 Energy.

Doing this gave me 53 energy in total just from the gear.
Then crafted my own athame (2 Energy) and got my non-auction school ring (5 Energy)
that gave me extra 7 energy for both.
So in the end, I was able to add 60 energy to my 80 base energy which ends up to be 140.
So yes, this combination gives you the best energy.


Base Energy Levels:
You get 80 Energy at Archmage (Level 80)
You get 75 Energy at Transcended (Level 70)
You get 70 Energy at Legendary (Level 60)



The Pixie Set
Gives you 53 Energy.
133 total energy at Archmage, 140 with the non-auction school ring and crafted athame.
The gears are dropped in the Hydra Hoard Packs.

Hydra Hoard Pack Price: 399 Crowns

Thanks to @DreamFlowerWiz for giving me the Pixie Hat Stats

Non-Auction School Rings with Energy for Level 76+.
I am sure there are more. But I need to get the stats of them. But you got the idea. :D


The Pixie Set
Gives you 49 Energy.
124 total energy at Legendary, 130 with the crafted ring and crafted athame.
Once you are Level 76, you can change your crafted ring for the non-auction school ring
which will give you 131 energy.

The gears are dropped in the Hydra Hoard Packs.
Hydra Hoard Pack Price: 399 Crowns


Splendid Attire
Gives you 45 Energy.
120 total energy at Transcended, 126 with crafted ring and crafted athame
If you are at Level 76, you can change the crafted ring
for the school ring which will give you 127 total energy.

Costs 12,500 Crowns.


Wyvern's Energetic Gear
Gives you 32 Energy.
102 total energy at Legendary, 108 with crafted ring and crafted athame
107 total engery at Transcended, 113 with crafted ring and crafted athame

Wyvern's Hoard Pack at 399 Crowns Each.


Baconator Gear
Gives you 30 Energy
100 total energy at Legendary, 106 with crafted ring and crafted athame
105 total energy at Transcended, 111 with crafted ring and crafted athame

Costs 12,500 Crowns.


Beastmaster Set
Gives you 18 Energy.
88 total energy at Legendary, 94 with crafted ring and athame
93 total energy at Transcended, 99 with crafted ring and athame

Costs 3,500 Crowns.


Crafted Energy Rings & Athames

Vestrilund, Wintertusk



4025 Gold
4 Ghost Fire
8 Pristine Vial
9 Golden Pearl
15 Kelp
11 Spring

4087 Gold
4 Ghost Fire
8 Pristine Vial
18 Frost Flower
18 Diamond
15 Ancient Scroll



3980 Gold
4 Ghost Fire
7 Pristine Vial
6 Sunstone
18 Fish Fin
16 Spring

3800 Gold
4 Ghost Fire
7 Pristine Vial
10 Black Pearl
14 Kelp
16 Water Lily
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  1. The energy gear really makes gardening or leveling up pets worthwhile now. I'm using both the Pixie and Splendid gear with the Wintertusk rings/athames and am really increasing both the size of my gardens and my hatching.

    Now if KI would give us another hatching slot or two, I would be in business!


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