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What Wizard101 Should Bring To The Spiral?

2/7/12 Update: Added Training Post, Farms, Pet Master and Mines ideas.
2/11/12 Update: Added Starred things in book


Simple things that should be added:

-TRANSFER GOLD BETWEEN CHARACTERS: It could even be done on the account management on the Wizard101.com site next to the crowns. This way if multiple users play on the same account, they can't argue since the gold transfer requires the parental control to be used as well. So blame the parent if nobody likes how much gold is transferred between characters.

-CLOSET FOR OUR CLOTHES: We really need this if we are getting new clothes every few months. This is getting really hairy with all of those new items.

-MAKE OUR ACCESSORIES VISIBLE: There should be a way for our necklaces, rings and knifes to be a lot more visible on our characters. The designs that were created for their pictures are gorgeous and they are WASTED when we can't even show off those designs on our characters.

-STAR WHAT WE DEEM IMPORTANT IN OUR BOOK: We should be able to mark which recipes or quests, gear, pets we deem important in our book with a gold star. That way we can organize our backpack really nicely.

-UPGRADE FRIEND LIST STARS: Make colored stars for our friend list so we can separate our friends into groups by tagging them with a specific colored star. PvP'ers, Hatchers, Great Friends, Bloggers. Etc Etc.



I can imagine there being a special city hidden in Nidavellir with special shops like hair salons, special boosted gear shops, banks, wand dyes, special bazaar and special furniture shops. That would be cool. It would be like a special underground city with special goodies. Imagine, dwarfs in different sizes banging away on an anvil, making those special gears or wands as you walk through the huge cave that it's hard to see where the walls and ceiling ends all encased in ice. Instead of dwarves, they could be the bears in GH for example but dwarfs love special jewelry, gems and commodity. They are a very greedy race, so their taste in wares are very very high. So it would make sense if they were dwarves instead, and since the taste in wares are very very high, it would be extremely expensive to buy there. But if you got the crown, it's SUPER worth it. I actually think this city only should be for those who has crowns. No items for gold here. All shops are crowns only.

-POTION SHOP: There would be special potion shops that will allow you to buy extra mana potions. So you can have four or five mana potions or an temporary upgrade to your health limit or even get a temporary bigger energy potion. You could also buy a special potion bag that could replace the mana potions on your screen. You could just click on the bag and you can look at all of the potions you bought and stored. You can pack your extra mana potions, extra energy potions, xp potions and special potions to refill your health in an emergency. The XP potions could be for your pet so you can actually train your pet as you fight.

-ARMOR UPGRADE SHOP: You can buy specific upgrades to your armor. But, this would be one time upgrade for each piece of gear like you can't have better resist and better incoming together. You can only pick ONE that's it.

-MOUNT UPGRADE SHOP: You could buy extra speed that you can add to your current mount while travelling or special mounts that has better speed on it or even temporary potions for extra speed.

-WAND SHOP: The ability to be able to dye your wands.

-PET UPGRADE SHOP: The ability to buy permanent cards onto the pets who are currently cardless like Giraffe, Hawk, Boar Knight and etc. This would be a crown purchase only.

-HAIR SALON: I believe only hair can be dyed, nothing else can be changed, not face, eyes, etc etc. Just hair and the style of it. This way, you still KNOW who they are minus the hair. There would be no way for anyone to "cheat" the system or whatever.

-COMMUNITY BANK: Here would be where we can deposit our gold and items, so we don't have to worry about having a max bank all of the time. But, you have to buy an account with gold.. Maybe 50k for a small bank account, and then the more you upgrade that account's size, you have to pay more gold to hold more gold. Yes it's expensive, but worth it. Possibly they could also have special deposit boxes for your clothes you want to keep and not accidentally throw out which would free up your bank! If necessary, make it a crown only purchase.

-TRADING POST: Here you can trade your crown items for something else that someone doesn't want. Both must agree to the transaction before it can be traded. This way you don't have to worry about wasting your crown items if you have multiple of crown items that you paid with your real money. This would be a lot more attractive option than just feeding them to your pets for random items.


New schools and careers to improve ourselves and our pets:

We could pick our own career path and work on improving basic needs. You can only pick ONE from below. Can be any level. But there will be special levels with caps that will be unlocked once you level up. For example Level 5 could gain 1 or 2 points on resist, damage or whatever. But the higher level you go, you can go back and practice more so you can gain more points on whatever you're working on.

For example at Level 10, you could work on Level 10 Resistance (adds 2 resist), then Level 20, another point, etc etc. But, Armor Piercing might will be finally offered to you once you hit Level 50. So there's limits to what you learn which would be appropriate for your level.

Basic Skills School:

-ARCHER: An archery place where we can work on improving our accuracy. A special elf that is our size could teach us since they are the masters at archery which means they are masters at accuracy and defense methods. We could learn accuracy and resistance. This would be the offensive training school. You could earn a special license to sell special crafted weapons, even double blade swords.

-WARRIOR: A fighting dojo to work on our damage and maybe learn new fighting styles that could let us work on our armor piercing. I can imagine a Samoorai as our teacher. This is the defensive training school. You could earn a special license to sell special crafted warrior suits.

-HEALER: A healing shrine with a Goat Monk as our teacher to train us to gain higher health and possibly teach us better ways to heal (better incoming, outgoing) and maybe hand out special spells. This is the healing training school. You could earn a special license to sell special crafted healing treasure cards perhaps or special crafted healing outfits.

-CHEF: A cooking school for us to cook better specialized snacks that could boost us temporarily in the field and also to help our pets with their XP. This would give snacks that are NOT sold by vendors. This place also could help us boost our own stats as well with special potions. Would be taught by a NPC that looks like Meowarity with a chef cap and apron who looks slightly crazy. He's the type who's really picky about how you cook your food which is why he's slightly crazy. You could earn a special license to sell snacks.

-PET MASTER: A pet training school that allows you to create new special pets that you cannot create anywhere else. Also with special amazing new talents that transforms it into a fighting pet that can fight at your side. You could also earn a special license to create pets with great talents to sell for gold of course.

Now.. the above schools, you could pick only ONE path from either Basic Skills school, then ONE path from the school below which is the Specialized Advanced Skills school aka Cosmology school. You cannot have all of them. Again, there will be special levels that will have caps that gets unlocked as you level up from 50. The higher level you go, you can go back and practice more so you can gain more points on whatever you're working on.


Specialized Advanced Skills aka Cosmology School:

This will taught by the reformed teachers (sun, moon, star). Cosmology is a profession of studying the universe. Only allowed for Level 50+.

In this school, there's three paths:

-SUN: special cards you could train for to boost your spells in battle like maybe a special incoming card that you could place on rebirth, adding 200 health.

-MOON: better block and critical or better stun resist. Better gold pip chance.

-STAR: better auras, maybe an aura for extra armor piercing or extra incoming/outgoing healing. Also auras for better gold pip chance. Again those spells will not available anywhere else.

You can pick say.. Warrior with Moon. You can only pick one path from both schools.


If you're wondering about Wysteria, I think that Wysteria should have spells for 20-25+. They could be just giving out two utility spells per school like GH. Who knows really? Wysteria is an entire another world, so maybe those schools are for pig students only. :(


Now, another area that could benefit us as well.

FISHING POND: where you could catch special kinds of fishes that you also could redeem at a special food store for reagents or items or something. Mind you, they will give special reagents that is not found anywhere else that you can make into something really useful. We could make special bigger health and mana potions. Or make special snacks for us that will give us health or mana without running around for wisps. Emergency snacks if you will. Also pet snacks that will boost our pet's XP while fighting or training. You could earn a special license to sell special item, snacks and reagents for others to use as crafting.

Or be able to make items like an unbelievable special armor for PvP or for general use or even a house furniture that is really coveted like maybe a cedar closet for our extra clothes! But, you would have to work really hard to collect the reagents for them. The better the fish is, the more special reagents that you can get.

Badges, trophies and new learning quests will unlock every time you find a new crop or attain a level. And every once in a while, Wiz101 could add a few brand new fishes with new items, snacks and reagents attached to it. Maybe you could have to travel to different places for different fishes and rare fish in places that you were able to unlock that wasn't found before!

FARMS: where you could learn how to crop and raise special food that you could make into food either for yourself or for your pets. There will be maybe 10 or even maybe 20 different levels for each crop that you have to learn to attain mastery. But this kind of training takes LONGER than the regular garden which drops random items. This is because Farms will give you SPECIFIC items, so that means it's a lot more hard work. You could earn a special license to sell snacks, crops, etc. Badges, trophies and new learning quests will unlock every time you find a new crop or attain a level. And every once in a while, Wiz101 could add a few brand new crops with new items, snacks and reagents attached to it that arrived from far away places. Maybe you could get learning quests to travel in order to find those brand new crops.

MINES: where you can farm for special metal and gems for your gears. so you can craft your own gear into whatever you'd like it to be. But again, this will be a long hard work where you have to learn so many levels until you can become a super miner and be able to harvest the rarest metals and gems which will be beneficial to your gear. You could earn a special license to sell gems, metals or suits. Badges, trophies and new learning quests will unlock every time you find a new crop or attain a level. And every once in a while, Wiz101 could add a few brand new gems & metals to search for or a brand new cave that was found with brand new gems that you never heard of.

I will add more areas once I can think of anything new that would be beneficial to us. But I honestly think that the Crown City in Nidavellir that I mentioned would be perfect for us AND Wizard101 who of course needs to make money. That would be unbelievable if that city ever comes to fruition!!

-Kelsey Fireheart
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