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Evil Magma Peas Boss Drops

*Cheating Boss 
Name of BossLocation
Matkis Axethief*Hart's Hideaway; Abbey Road
Caoranach the Fire SpitterFirespitter's Lair; High Road
Harlequin KnightHarlequin Tower; High Road
Jabberwock*Jabberwock's Lair; High Road
PornichRed Thorn Tower; High Road
Sir Terrance ThornwhipRed Thorn Tower; High Road
Dark KnightDark Knight's Lair; Caer Lyon
Feletheus BarcaCarca's Tower; Caer Lyon
Malgrin the ScourgeMalgrin's Tower; Caer Lyon
OgreRuined Tower; High Road
Keela White TalonWhite Owl Tower; The Wild
Maudit SoulbanDread Keep; The Wild
Ricimer FlavelRicimer Flavel's Cave; The WIld
Lord of the BrockenThe Lost Abbey; The Wyrd
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