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PC Gamer: All About Pirate101

In this month's PC Gamer edition, on Page. 38, there's an article about Pirate101. It states that there are about 18 of hundred odd available companions to pick for your crew. And if you complete one of your companion's quests, they will fight better in future fights. And you will travel around on a customizable flying pirate galleon. Then it spoke of classes; Buccaneers tank damage, Musketeers deals damage while the Privateer is a buff class boosting his crew with inspiring yelps. And there were other tidbits we already knew. 


Notice the Strong and Precise? Interesting. Must be what the enemies have
that we might have to pick the correct companion with certain skills that can overcome those.

So love this description of how you do the battle.
So much fun!

"Your Crew fell out of the cute tree and hit every branch on the way down."
That cracked me up!

Well, if you want to read the entire article, run to your bookstore and get one! :)
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