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Pirate101: Names & Combat Circle

This picture on Pirate101.com makes me wonder if we get to name our companions?
There's a name that seems to say Scarface Steveriker? It's very difficult to make out the name.
But I'm not positive if it's for the Shark who could be our companion or the character.
Either way, this is extremely interesting.

 In the P101 Fansite kit, this     symbol stands for Witchdoctor.
So, see the icons on the bottom? There's a icon for a witchdoctor which could be us
which is I think pretty obvious by our Witchdoctor doll icon in this battle.
I wonder if we will place our companions in those slots and in a certain order we want them to be.
Or it's for our friends who join our battles. If so, means there's five spots either way in the battle.
Not the regular four like in Wizard101!

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