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Test Realm News: New Amber Transmutation!

Test Realm has stated that there is now a new Amber Transmutation. BUT, there's new Reagents that you will need to earn for it that will be dropped from bosses like the Pendragon, Morganthe, Starburst Spider in Mirror Lake, bosses in Waterworks and Briskbreeze Towers.

The chance of getting Amber from the harvest of White Tiger Lily, Deadly Ninja Fig, King Parsley, Red Bell Pepper and Red Huckleberries has been increases slightly. Also White Tiger Lily still has the best chance of giving you Amber on Elder Harvest.

5 Merle Ambrose's Hair
5 Amber Dust
15 Sunstones
10 Golden Pearl

15 Seconds Cooldown
Card Crafting Station
Legendary Artisan Required

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