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Treasure Card Guide: The Symbols, School and Classes

Okay, guys, you all know those Treasure Cards have so many Symbols that it probably confuses you?
Ok, here's the guide on this very subject.


Notice the Symbols so far?

This will show your school symbols. 
This will show your card's class. Attack, Healing, Shield, etc etc.
This will show you where this card came from.



This will include star, sun, moon as well as regular schools.














 Shield or Traps

 Blade either Positive or Negative

 Single Attack

 Hits All Enemies



 Utility Spells like Steal Blade, Remove Trap or Shatter. Also applies to stun like Choke. Prisms, even Minions.


 Enchantments (Monstrous, Colossal, Unstoppable & etc)



Okay here are cards from each pack, notice their symbols in the blue square on the left side?
That's how you know which card is from which pack.

Okay, now here's all kinds.

 Eye of Bartleby Pack

 Marvelous Minions Pack

 Wyvern's Hoard

 Ninja Lore and/or Kirin Hoard Pack

 Dragon's Hoard Pack

 Nightmare Packs

 Raven's Hoard Pack

 Hand of Doom Pack

 Faithful Companions Pack (Promotional Pack)

and lastly, "Knight's Pack"? I am just assuming here.
But if this card has a symbol, it has to mean this card will come from a pack.
We will eventually find out if this is true or not.


Now you all are probably thinking that I'm just here to explain different kinds of cards. Well yes, that's partly true. The second reason is... When doing fights or doing a million hit, those cards can be stacked.
So imagine if you got two Feint TCs with different symbols from each pack. That means you can put both on the boss, it will stack up. :)
When trying for the One In A Million badge, we collect all kinds of Feint TCs or whatever TCs we can get our hands on and stack them up on the boss.
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