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200,000th Views!

So.. My blog has hit 200k views. What a wonderful milestone! You know, I've been thinking a lot lately about Wizard101 and Pirate101. The milestones we can work on in-game are multiple. And hey, they help us stay busy, even when the game is not full of new quests and worlds.

For example, in both games, you can max out your characters. Aim for Warlord on your Wizard in Ranked PvP. Get all of the badges from both games. Level all of your Pirate101 companions to max level. Those are the typical challenges.

But you know you can make your OWN challenges. I always found it to be more rewarding if you compete with yourself than with others. After all, who knows you best than yourself? You know which areas that you need to improve on. I always believed that if you challenge yourself, it makes your mind think better because you have had to learn how to think in a new way.

You can decide to, for example, not level up any of your Pirate101 companions as you quest through the game and reach Level 65. You can decide to use the same FIRST GENERATION derby pet for all of your wizards and get to Pet Derby Warlord that way. Don't limit yourself by relying on what's already available. Use your imagination. The challenges that you can give yourself are endless!

You can apply this in every area of your life. Even blogging. Don't limit yourself by talking about what's available like the typical news from Wizard101. But talk instead about what COULD be available, what you would love to happen and bring in a brand new subject that nobody has thought of before. It doesn't even have to be limited to words. You can sing it, podcast it, video it, draw it or anything you can think of.

Like Albert Einstein would say, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." How else did people invent new things? Definitely not the ones who were lacking imagination. Go forth and give yourself new challenges today!

As for our blog's awesome milestone today, I want to thank you all for helping me achieve this milestone. This wouldn't be possible without your kind support and visits. You are the ones that makes this blog great!

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  1. i truly love it all i will keep that in my mine when i make a new blog post or when i every play wizard101 or pirate101 and i really like every thing you do on your blog keep up the great work :D

  2. Congratulations on 200,000 views! Your Blog and website is filled with so much valid info. I just spent I don't know how long with your Spell Generator trying to figure out where I went wrong with obtaining my new spells. Thanks to you, I know where to look and, maybe even more important, the broad perspective of how the spells have evolved. This is wonderful for a new wizard or one who is coming back to level up their wizard. It is a lot of hard work to do a Blog. I appreciate your time and effort. And, I thank you for putting "heart" into your Blog (and site). By that I mean that you draw attention to how the game play and game philosophy are mirrors of "real" life and how we can better ourselves by learning from the game.


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