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The Tapestry Chase - Gotta Get All Of Them!

Thanks to the amazing Wizard101 and Lydia Greyrose, all of the Official Wizard101 Fansites are giving away Tapestries. What are Tapestries, you say? Tapestries are a pretty wall furniture that are also great shortcuts to areas or worlds. Heck, they all have their own unique look and they even look amazing up on your dorm wherever you place them. All you have to do is go up to the tapestry and it will prompt you to be transported and tada!

Every Official Wizard101 Fansite will be giving away two kinds of site exclusive tapestries. For example, my site, Stars of the Spiral, is giving away tapestries to Merle Ambrose's House and to Storm Storm School. Check every Official Wizard101 Fansite for contests or giveaway details. If they don't have any, just sit tight and be patient. They might be posting it later this month.

You can check the Official Wizard101 Fansite list at: https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/fansites

I have listed all tapestries that are available below. Once I know which official fansite is giving away which tapestries, I will add them. But if you find out information that we do not have here, please let us know by leaving us a comment below. Thank you!

Wizard City Commons - Wizard101 Central
Wizard City Nightside
Wizard City Bazaar - Wizard101 Central
Wizard City PvP Arena - Duelist101
Wizard City Merle's House - Stars of the Spiral
Wizard City Gamma's Tower - Spiral Radio 101
Wizard City Library

Krokotopia Oasis - Spiral Radio 101

Marleybone Regents Square - Petnome

Dragonspyre Basilica - Paige Moonshade

Celestia Base Camp - Mercs4Hire

Grizzleheim Northguard

Avalon Caliburn
Avalon Tome of the Nameless - Mercs4Hire
Avalon White Owl Tower
Avalon Crystal Caves - Legends Of The Spiral
Avalon Outer Yard - Ditto Monster

Wysteria Pigswick Academy - Ditto Monster

Myth - Petnome
Balance - Duelist101

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