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A Very Strange Day With Friar Sands

Well, it was an interesting day when we visited Friar Sands today! A friend of mine, Greedy Jacob Maxwell, was poor on gold. Since that's quite embarrassing for a pirate, I took him to the best spot for farming... Friar Sands! But of course Friar Sands wasn't at all pleased with us. Well, here's what happened.

Then suddenly in the distance, we hear...

Errrm.. I'm starting to think that we've interrupted him watching "Grease"...
probably for the millionth time.
So is this what he does when we're not around?

Anyway, don't forget to pay him a visit when you're running low on gold. You can even ask your higher leveled friends to help you bring in your low level characters for gold replenishment. Just be warned, Friar Sands won't be happy.... as always. But I think now we know why.

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