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Castleville Legends: A Game To Play

 Welcome to my Castleville Legends' Village!

I have been playing Castleville Legends for so long that I'm surprised that I'm STILL playing it. That's a good sign that this game is a smash! This is a free game that you can find on Facebook, Kindle and on mobile phones. I have been enjoying myself immensely with this game.

My current quest!


You can sell any items you have in your Royal Vault, items you have made or ingredients you have collected and the ship will take it to the distant markets for you, so other people can view it and buy it if they want.

The first tab is trading with people that is not in your alliances. The second tab is trading with your Facebook Friends. And the last tab is trading with people in your alliances. Plenty of options there! You don't have to rely on your Facebook friends if you don't want to.

Castleville Legends is an spinoff of the Castleville game on Facebook, but with a few new nifty things. You are not limited on energy. I don't like games that limit you on energy. You also can trade with people that are not on your Facebook, so you don't have to harass your Facebook friends to join your game or whatever. You can also form alliances with people around the world and earn pearls to gain another hero to help you explore instances where you can earn unique drops to use in crafting things, so many things! Honestly, I think this game beats the original Castleville game in so many areas.

This is my alliance I'm currently in above. The only reason I chose it is because it's a full group which means more chances of getting good stuff in trading. As you can see there's a lot of alliances from all over the world below, it's quite easy finding one.

My favorite thing about this game is that your mobile or kindle Castleville Legends will connect to your Facebook, so if you ever switch phones or kindles or whatever, you won't ever lose the game as long as you sign in the same Facebook account. Also, the Castleville Legends game on your Facebook AND your mobile is connected, so you don't have to start over at all. You can just pick up where you left off on your phone or vice versa. This is an option I truly love. I don't like spending money on a game that is not "transferable" to other devices.

He's always hungry for stuff. This is just another way of getting more unique drops to craft for your items. Just be careful, he likes to belch loudly right after you complete his order.

Workshops are buildings where you can craft things in to sell for gold. With gold, you can purchase buildings, more plots of land and more! Below that is Resources like farms or trees that gives you ingredients. Then the third tab is decorations. But the last tab is Special Heroes! They can be used to help you explore different instances within the game.

Liang will give you his order and if you are able to complete it, you can get a random pearl that you can use towards a Special Hero purchase. Also, during Holidays, you are able to unlock a FREE Hero as long as you complete the Holiday Quests that they give you. I got a Yeti Ice Chief for Christmas and a Swiftwing Pegasus for Valentine's Day.

This is just one place where you can explore to get awesome ingredients as well as xp. Those rubies are pretty good because they can be used in the Sea Gem Chalice which goes for a lot of gold. There's four slots, so the more Heroes you add, the more XP you get. And the chances of rare ingredients dropping will rise.

And you know what's the best thing of all? I've been playing this for months and there's STILL unexplored land I have to unlock. This just tells me that this is a game that won't run out of content for MONTHS!

You can play this on Facebook at: https://apps.facebook.com/castlevillelegends
It's also available on your phone and Kindle.

Got any games you want me to try out? Just post a comment below and I'll check out your suggestions.

Castleville Legends: A Game To Play Castleville Legends: A Game To Play Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Tuesday, March 04, 2014 Rating: 5

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