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Concept Art From Billy George

I was searching for something else when I came across the following images. Then I realized, hey why not? It wouldn't hurt to refresh your memory about Billy George's concept art. I picked some of his to post here, but honestly he has a LOT more at his blog, http://billygeorge.blogspot.com/ Go check his blog. He's quite amazing. He does both Wizard101 and Pirate101 Concept Art.

This looks so neat and creepy which I love!

Man, he looks so much more fierce here than in-game. *backs away slowly*

I love the different looks for both. I can't even pick which's better.

Honestly I love the way Scrooge has been drawn. It's just perfect. I love the different expressions.

I find this interesting. Promotions for Handsome Dan? Awesome!

I would love to have the above furniture for my house in Pirate101.

That cat? Priceless LOL.

The first thought when I saw this was.. INDIANA JONES! But in a monkey form...

Different types of guns and swords. This is pretty cool. This way you can see the difference.

I don't recall this guy, but then my memory can be quite crappy.

Again, Billy George has a LOT more at his blog: http://billygeorge.blogspot.com/ Go check it out!

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  1. i think i saw these on sword roll's blog he posted a few week ago to


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