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New Companion System Coming To Pirate101

Soon, we will have an update to the entire Companion system. Our companions will soon be able to perform jobs that will help us earn companion xp, gold, nautical xp, items and more!

In battles, our first three companions will always appear in battle instead of one and it won't be random anymore. We will be able to set the first three companions the way we want to. With this new system, our companions now can be wounded if they are defeated in battle. Life fountain will be a thing of the past. They won't be able to revive our companions. They have to wait until they can be fully healed or cured by Miracle Mitch who will be found in Avery's Court. The new building there is his with a band aid obviously on the sign. You will have to pay gold for them to be healed. If you're gold poor, you can wait until the task timer on your companion expires. But be warned, the higher the companion, the longer the timer will be and the more expensive it is to have Mitch heal them.

Interestingly enough, our companions will be able to take special orders or tasks once they are Level 8 or above. I'm wondering how this will work out.

I wonder how much gold is given when you hit a gold mine?

Also each class will receive a new companion! Chantal Livingstone is the Flamingo. Fan Flanders is the frog obviously. Carcarius Grimtooth is the shark. Peter Quint is the pelican. And The Marchioness is the Monquistan. You will receive them at Level 4.

That makes me wonder about the shrimp or prawn character. I wonder what part of the story he is in. 

Not only that, there's a NEW panorama sneak peek of Bestia!

New Pet?

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