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St. Patricks' Day Sign Language

ASL Nook tends to make really adorable videos about ASL. But I love it even more because this is a family who's making them including their own children. This video is about St. Patricks' sign language. I was thinking that since St. Patricks' Day has arrived in the Spiral, maybe you all would love to learn some St. Patricks' sign language. Enjoy!

Make sure you turn on Closed Captions so you can understand EVERYTHING they are saying.

St. Patricks' Day Sign Language St. Patricks' Day Sign Language Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. i have the answer and i know where the titans are it says at first that the fire titan was a dragon so the titan is above the volcano in dragonspyre and the storm titan is in cilestia if you go to stormriven and jump down the hole the storm titain is a giant octopus and its still moving it was said morganath used the stom titan to bring cilestia under water

  2. -_- ok...
    KI has been unclear on the answer to this question for a while now, but every wizard under level 10 that's paying ANY ATTENTION whatsoever to the story line knows exactly what the Titans are.
    It's kinda sad that people have forgotten now that they are in the upper levels, but anyway:
    Ice Titan, yes, Ymir ( I think lol)

    Fire Titan, fire dragon, unclear which
    Storm Titan, TRITON
    Definitely not an octopus lol.

    KI stresses this concept hugely in the first part of the game,
    the story that these titans blew the world apart and bartleby and grandmother raven rebuilt it.
    Basically, the Ice Titans ruled over the air, the storm (Triton not octopus >:O) over the Ocean, and well... fire over the land, since it's the only one left.
    The Dragons burned the Giants, the Giants attacked the Tritons, and the Tritons attacked the Dragons.
    Now, there have been some slight shifts in this storyline throughout the game. For example, in Celestia, Kingsisle seemingly forgot the main idea of the game and made the Triton instead the Storm Lord. So most people now think of the storm titan as a Lord, which is obviously very confusing.
    I won't go into details, but in all honestly, this isn't the first plot-twist-blooper KI has done.... for example: Moon magic is supposed to be Myth, Ice, and Death, Sun is Life, Storm, and Fire, but then they forgot again. Storm got insane bolt, which used moon magic, so someone at KI was probably like: "Hey, no biggy, we'll just switch storm with myth." And that's why Cronus, even though he's sun uses Life, Fire, and Myth, and why the original sollar blade had Life, Fire, and Storm on it... and why it doesn't make any sense.

    ANYWAY, writing a book here lol, sorry, but the point is, the titans are: Fire Dragon, as in Dragonspyre, Frost Giant, as in Wintertusk, and Storm Lord/Triton as in Celestia.

    If you got this far, thanks!

  3. The Fire Titan is the Dragon Titan in DS, the one who caused the destruction and was almost revived by Malistaire. I mean think about it! The Dragon Titan was asleep because he was put to sleep by Bartleby. And the Storm Titan is the Storm Lord. Who has yet to make an appearance. At least it's what I thought of it all.


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