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Upcoming Avery's Court Changes!

Today, Pirate101 has released an extremely cool panorama camera pan where you can scan around the entire Avery's Court while staying in the center. You could zoom in and see cool new features. But when you zoomed in, it became blurry. 

Here's what we know already. The grand staircase as well as the new dock and the flying Eagle. I do not know why they had to add a grand staircase. Maybe it's a design thing. The huge eagle is flying behind Avery's office. He reminds me of the turtle in Mooshu who would move around in his own little area carrying buildings.
He's the one we land on and go into buildings to the final bosses of Mooshu. Once completed, we finished the world's main storyline. So clearly in Skull Island, we will go to a new area which is on the top of that Eagle and to get there, we would have to row or sail there from the new dock. Think of Jonah Town too. Same thing. I just find it interesting that it had to be from Avery's Court.

In Wizard101, as a new wizard, the FIRST area that you can access is the Unicorn Way other than the Commons. You had to be able to get in Unicorn Way if you want to PvP as an extremely low level Wizard. At this point, the Shopping District as well as Ravenwood is closed. 

In Pirate101, as a brand new pirate, you cannot get through the gate to Shopping District from Avery's Court or even access the Class Houses. However class houses are ALREADY in the area. That's like going to Ravenswood, but can't get in the school houses yet. But you get the general idea, we cannot get in the buildings like we can't enter Ravenwood. We also cannot enter shopping district and we can go into PvP.

So now let's backtrack a bit.. It would make sense that the Eagle is related to PvP. Because in Wizard101, the PvP area which is a part of Unicorn way is connected to the Commons. And it is open to Level 1. In Skull Island, it's just designed a bit differently because, hey where else can you put it?! They were pretty clever to create a dock and then an island we can sail to where we can go PvP'ing. It's like going into Unicorn Way and going PvP'ing. The only difference is you take a canoe than go through a tunnel to get there. Hey we're Pirates! Tunnels scare us.

Also I noticed as a Level 1 in Wizard101, I can join Ranked PvP, but not Tournaments. However, it required me to be Level 10 before joining a Tournament. So, it'd be the same for Pirate101. This is another clue! It cannot be Tournaments because they wouldn't let low level characters to play it. Also it doesn't make sense if you throw in Tournaments in first before even introducing Ranked PvP anyway.

Now keep that in mind, my point is anything in Avery's Court has to be generally accessible to LOW levels. 

 Here's a brand new building that is added which does not exist in live game yet. So if there's a new building, it has to be important. They wouldn't add a building for no reason. Again remember, LOW levels has to access it. So what could it be? There is a sign attached to it. So, I zoomed in the best I could. 

Paige Moonshade said it was like something that they threw up to cover the sign. Swordroll said that it looked like a loaf of bread that was cut and a slice was falling down, so I looked at it very carefully at the shadows and the lines, then I drew it in.  Tada!

I noticed right away the bottle behind the bread. Then after looking at it for a few minutes, I noticed the table. A sign that has a loaf of bread and a bottle on a table? Keep in mind that the bottle doesn't even look like a bottle of yum. So, what could it be? Could I be wrong? Let us know what you think it could be? It has to be a building that all low level characters can access too! Paige Moonshade said that it could be a Bait and Tackle shop for Fishing. There were wild ideas floating around. But why else would we need a food shop? What do you think?

Now there was another thing that was new in that camera pan. The new Pelican companion. This does not exist yet. Remember, so far we have seen a Shark in the Witchdoctor's class house, a Prawn (shrimp) which I am guessing is Buccaneer's since it can cast a Buccaneer power, Flamingo in the Musketeer's class house and now this Pelican. I'm not sure, but that character reminds me of a Swashbuckler. I don't know for sure. It's quite blurry. But that makes four, leaving one more to go if it's one companion per class. So what could it be for Privateer?

One more thing that I noticed in the sneak peek camera pan... What the heck is this?! This looks almost like a permanent court camera lol. I even checked in-game and I saw NOTHING like this. Do you have a clue? If so, post a comment below.

By the way, if you want to view the Avery's Court panorama camera pan for yourself, go to: https://www.pirate101.com/free_game/spring_preview2014

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  1. um it's one of them blue birds they are all over skull island but the weird thing is i never seen it fly it mostly doesn't fly or move at all hmm


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