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New Wizard101 Housing, Reagents & Furniture


The neat thing is that the Wizard101 developers say it comes with a Tag Game since the house was designed for it.

Then there's this amazing new craftable Azteca house, the Treetop Getaway!

Price: 65,000 Gold
Cool Down Timer: 18:20:00
Crafting Table: Grizzleheim
Crafting Rank Required: Transcendent
Level 15+ Required



1 Vine
3 Sparse Froud
40 Mist Wood
2 Amber

6 Azteca Scaffolding

For 1 Azteca Scaffolding
2 Rebirth TC
1 Earthquake TC
20 Mist Wood
8 Agave Leave
20 Leather Strips

For 6 Azteca Scaffoldings Altogether
12 Rebirth TC
6 Earthquake TC
120 Mist Wood
48 Agave Leave
120 Leather Strips

Recipe Costs 27,000 Gold
12 Hours Cooldown


8 Azteca Archway

For 1 Azteca Archway
8 Stone Block
5 Sandstone
5 Sunstone
10 Agave Leaves
10 Blood Moss
2 Grendelweed
10 Bone

For 8 Azteca Archways Altogether
64 Stone Block
40 Sandstone
40 Sunstone
80 Agave Leaves
80 Blood Moss
16 Grendelweed
80 Bone

Recipe Costs 33,750
12 Hours Cooldown


4 Azteca Kiln

For 1 Azteca Kiln
1 Efreet TC
1 Fire Trap TC
1 Furance TC
25 Black Coal
20 Ghost Fire
10 Stone Block
5 Sandstone

For 4 Azteca Kilns Altogether
4 Efreet TC
4 Fire Trap TC
4 Furance TC
100 Black Coal
80 Ghost Fire
40 Stone Block
20 Sandstone

Recipe Costs 31,500 Gold
12 Hours Cooldown


10 Dino Pillars

For 1 Dino Pillar
4 Colossus TC
25 Shadow Oil
20 Perfect Sapphire
8 Stoneblock
10 Sandstone
5 Sunstone
2 Golden Pearl
1 Fossil

For 10 Dino Pillars Altogether
40 Colossus TC
250 Shadow Oil
200 Perfect Sapphire
80 Stoneblock
100 Sandstone
50 Sunstone
20 Golden Pearl
10 Fossil

 Recipe Costs 33,750 Gold
12 Hours Cooldown



Also this guy in Silent Market also gives the Ornate Burrower Chair.I got no clue why he has only one furniture item in his shop. Uber weird.



There's three new reagents; Stardust and Astral Shard. Stardust is transmuted while Astral Shard is dropped and Comet Tails are harvested.



A lot of people are confused on how to harvest Astral Shards. You can find them in Crescent Beach which is the FIRST area of KH part 2.


If you see those purple things around it, it means you can harvest it.

No purple things? Someone already harvested it or it's still waiting to respawn.

Not only that, we will be able to buy reagent bundles! YAY!
Now we just need Amber bundles... Wizard101, hope you get the hint ;)

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  1. for one of the dryad hybrids, it says dryad x spinysaur... i think they meant avenging fossil

  2. anyone see it saying levvy x spinysaur?

  3. "Rotting Dryad - Dryad x Spinysaur" .. Spinysaur? Or Avenging Fossil?


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