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Pirate101's Upcoming New Pets!

This is a guide that's STILL *Work In Progress*.. So bear with us as we continue to search for new pets.


The Ostrich is a pet reward from doing the pet quest we receive from the Town Crier in Avery's Court.

Everyone gets this free pet when they complete the pet quest in Avery's Court from the Town Crier. It's a free pet reward! :D

Blue Ostrich - You get this when you mix a regular pink Ostrich with any pet

**** PETS FOR GOLD *****

Stats credited to Dead-Eye Morgan Aldridge aka @RaveMonkey27
Sold for 7,500 Gold in Bestia

Stats credited to Dead-Eye Morgan Aldridge aka @RaveMonkey27
Sold for 3,000 Gold in Bestia

Sold for 25,000 Gold in Bestia

- Crown Shop Pets -



This pet drops from the Shrimp Emperor


Drops in the last battle of the dungeon; Pyramid of Fire


We are not sure where the following pets are available since they are not revealed yet.


The following is what I figure are the new game card pets. As everyone knows, Pirate101 tends to rotate game card pets every month. But I am betting they added a lot more versions of each. Some I wonder if they will show up in December due to their very Christmasy names. I am hoping that they will add Halloween themed names as well!

Embracing Rattler

Santa Crawlie

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