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Brand New Wizard101 Level 98 Pets & Hybrids

We all get our brand pet school pets at Level 98 in the second part of Khrysalis as long as you already got your Level 78 school pet. Obviously from the picture Wizard101 has posted, we all already know what pets we will get. Life gets a lovely Dryad. Fire a fiery Sun Serpent. Storm a Leviathan who can pack a wallop. Balance a super cute Sabertooth. Ice the Lord of Winter. Myth the mighty Medusa. And lastly, Death gets a Spinysaur dinosaur. And you can make hybrids with them too!

I will be listing pets that are available both as a quest and as a hybrid. This post is gonna be a work in progress for a while until it is completed. But, if you want to submit a picture of your pet and how you got it, please post it in the comments below. Good Luck!



Lord of Winter - Ice School Pet
Gives Iceblade, Balefrost at Adult

Lord of Spring - Lord of Winter x Leviathan
Gives Volcanic Shield at Baby

Lord of Summer - Lord of Winter x Sun Serpent
Gives Ice Prism at Baby

Lord of Autumn - Lord of Winter x Sabertooth
Gives Tower Shield, Power Play at Adult



Sabertooth Pet - Balance School Pet
Gives Balanceblade, Spirit Shield at Adult

Forlorn Sabertooth -Sabertooth x Fossil
Gives Hex, Doom and Gloom, Sabertooth at Epic

Mystic Sabertooth - Sabertooth x Medusa
Gives Sap Health at Baby

Wild Sabertooth - Sabertooth x Dryad
Gives Bladestorm at Baby

Frostfang - Sabertooth x Lord of Winter
Thanks to Cody Sundreamer for helping me find this extremely elusive hybrid!
Gives Elemental Blade at Baby



Avenging Fossil - Death School Pet
Gives Deathblade, Feint at Adult

Reanimated Fossil - Fossil x Sabertooth
Gives Curse at Baby

Charred Fossil - Fossil x Sun Serpent
Gives Dark Pact at Baby

Crystalline Fossil - Fossil x Lord of Winter
Gives Plague at Baby



Sun Serpent - Fire School Pet
Gives Fire Blade, Fuel at Adult

Tree Serpent - Sun Serpent x Dryad
Gives Choke, Life Fuel at Adult

Fabled Serpent - Sun Serpent x Medusa
Thanks Cody Sundreamer
Gives Smoke Screen, Mythic Fuel At Adult



Dryad - Life School Pet
Gives Lifeblade, Sprite Swarm at Adult

Burning Dryad - Dryad x Sun Serpent
Gives Triage at Baby

Rotting Dryad - Dryad x Fossil
Gives Legend Shield at Baby

Windswept Dryad - Dryad x Leviathan
Gives Guidance at Baby



Deep Leviathan - Storm School Pet
Gives Stormblade, Disarm at Adult

Chaos Leviathan - Leviathan x Fossil
Thanks Chris Star
Gives Lightning Strike at Baby

Eternal Leviathan - Levithan x Dryad
Thanks Chris Star
Gives Cleanse Charm at Baby

Dreaming Leviathan - Leviathan x Medusa
Gives Storm Prism, Pierce by Adult



Li'L Medusa - Myth School Pet
Gives Mythblade, Blinding Light, Medusa by Epic

Fluminating Medusa - Medusa x Leviathan
Gives Myth Prism at Baby

Poised Medusa - Medusa x Sabertooth
Gives Stun at Baby

Shivering Medusa - Medusa x Lord of Winter
Gives Cleanse Ward at Baby

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  1. If Death gets an Avenging Fossil pet, why do you keep referring to hybrids with the Death pet as ________ x Spinysaur? It was confusing for me, since Spinysaur is a life spell.

  2. And what are the blades it comes with once its a hybrid?

  3. Can you show us the cards they give?


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