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Loot Roll from Moo Manchu's Chest

Okay, so I usually do loot roll for packs. I was trying to figure out what I can do for the Moo Manchu's Tower. Then it hit me, I can do a loot roll for his chest!!! I want to include all pets, furniture, gear, mini games, etc etc. But, for this guide to be complete, I will need ALL of your help! You can send me pictures of the gear, furniture, pets, etc you've gotten from this mad cow's chest. You can post them in the comments below. Remember, if it's new eye patches, masks, earrings, pets, mounts, Moo Manchu gear, I would like not only pictures of the stats, but the actual look of the gear or item if possible. I want to be able to show the special new ones' looks. 

I am hoping that this guide will help you determine if it's wise for you to spend your crowns on this chest or not. Thank you!!!!


Moo Manchu Hat - Imperial Hat of Moo Manchu
Moo Manchu Robe - Imperial Robes of Moo Manchu
Moo Manchu Boots - Imperial Boots of Moo Manchu

Ivory Lotus Cap
Blue Anemone Hechimaki
Centipede Slippers

Token of Sumuru
Death Spore Talisman

Mini Games

Rogue's Range Game
Power Keg Game
Coin Drop Game
Pirate's Pub Game


Shoji Screen
Small Tatami Mat
Demon Pig Statue
Great Moodha Statue
Imperial Statue
Monk Statue
Statue of Hyottoko
Solar Obelisk
Crane Obelisk
Stone Obelisk
Pagoda-Shaped Urn
Pagoda Shrine
Imperial Shrine
Youkai's Bonsai
Bell Pagoda
Grassy Mound
Wooden Watchtower
Wooden Pedestal
Windswept Tree

I think I got Statue of St. Hubert from the chest. I'm not sure.


Tawny Sky Turtle
Ebon Spectre

Pet Snack
Molten Lava Cake - Rank 2 - Skull Island
Pan Fried Banana - Rank 3 - Monquista


Again, if you have any information on what Moo Manchu's Chest drops, let me know by posting pictures in the comments below.

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