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Loot Roll of the Nefarious Five Chest

This is a Loot Roll for the Nefarious Five's chest. Apparently it drops a lot of furniture items that are dropped in other worlds. Not only that it drops cool Nefarious weapons and more!! Again, this guide can only be complete with your help, I can do so much. I am hoping that this guide will help you decide if it's worth spending crowns on this chest in Live.

Send your photos by commenting below this post. Thank you!


Nefarious Five Weapons
Nefarious Knives

Ivory Lotus Cap
Orange Blossom Cap
Moo Ichi Headband
Chou Sou Kasa
Corrupted Shinobi's Hood
Blue Anemone Hachimaki

Dak Fang Gi
Blue Anemone Gi
Auric Peril Garb
Corrupted Warlord's O-Yoroi
Zayat Jacket
Centipede Shozoku
Manchu Disciple Robe


Jewel of Sumuru
Talisman of Sumuru
Token of Sumuru
Ornament of Sumuru

Black Pearl Loop
Master Li's Ring

Seven Lamps Charm
Seven Lamp Amulet


Bound Oni's Bulwark

Pet Snack

Banana and Potatoes
Banana Salad - Rank 3 - Monsquista
Banana Soup - Rank 3 - Monsquista
Scrimshaw Swiss - Rank 1 - Skull Island


Orange Stand
Clockwork Treasure Chest
Framed Krokosphinx Photo
Framed Campsite Photo
Embroidered Green Couch
Large Tatami Floor Mat
Regal Gold Leaf Chair
Winged Chariot
Aquila Director's Chair
Small Bison Totem

Mini Games

Rat Attack Game
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