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Pirate101's New Pets in Test Realm!

So there's new pets in Test Realm! I can't wait for test to be live, so we can get those brand new pets. And of course along with new pets, means more hybrids to discover!

Fire Toad from Gortez, Temple of the Gold Monkey in Gold Mine, Skull Island

Scylla Spawn Pet from Scylla in Aquila

So, two new pets being found being dropped? I bet there's quite a bit more out there that are hiding. Once the game is live, we must find them all!

Corrupted Imperial Lion from Tower of Moo Manchu
Corrupted Dragon is also from this tower.

Not only that, there apparently has been pets being loaded in Bestia.

Heck Kitty
Black Tiger

So my question is, do you guys think they're for Halloween? They sound Halloweenish to me imo. But the thing is, I don't know if the Heck Kitty will look exactly the cat we see in the Morphing Tent. I am hoping that it's creeper looking!

As for hybrids, what do you think those pets could produce? I was thinking of Horned Toad maybe from Fire Toad and Scylla Spawn? So many theories, not enough time! 

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