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Wizard101 Test Realm Is Open!!!

Wizard101 Test Realm is Open for some cool updates! You now can restore Arcane Castles and there's a brand new Crown Shop look and tons of other minor updates.

The New Crown Shop Look!

There's new sub-categories that makes it easier!

The New Restore Castle!

Mystery Doodle?

This was odd since this guy seemed so out of place when being surrounded by the typical Wizard City characters. Maybe it's a clue for future quest updates?!

Minor Details

A few things you should know from the Update Notes that bear reminding.

  • Buy Pigswick Academy Tapestry NOW because they have removed it in Test.
  • The Krokotopian Houseboat now can be placed in Shared Bank.
  • The Spiral Cup Gauntlet is now not only limited to friends.
  • A fish will indicate if it's Seasonal.
  • You won't be able to access the fishing menu in non-fishing areas.
  • Lloyd Fallingwater has two new Castle Block recipes - Roof/Floor B Castle Block and Roof In Corner Castle Block.

Check out the rest of the Test Realm Update Notes at: 

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