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The First KingsIsle Livestream

KingsIsle had their very first Livestream on Twitch. Don't worry if you missed it, you can watch the recorded version at: http://www.twitch.tv/kingsisleentertainment/b/569603589

The Community Managers of Wizard101 and Pirate101, Leala the current Lydia Greyrose and Tom aka Friendly Necro aka One Eyed Jack, has come and talked to us all about the wonderful game of Wizard101.

They mostly talked about the latest updates to the Wizard101 game. The fishing feature, birthday event, the Arcane Builder's Bundle and other updates that we pretty much already know about. Leala even worked on her Arcane house while livestreaming. Then they showed beautiful pictures of Arcane Houses that people have created at the end of the stream.

They also gave away Arcane Builder's Bundles for lucky winners who sent in questions that they picked to answer. Not only that, they gave away 2,000 random tapestries to lucky wizards who redeemed a code.

While they were talking, us #Twizards decided to gather in the Commons, Scarecrow realm and celebrate the livestream event! It was so much fun!

Now, I noticed a few things about the stream that would be considered brand new information. First "time lords" was mentioned at the beginning of the stream. That made me think about the telegraph booths that we saw in the Test Realm. Also, time lord is a Doctor Who reference. 

And clearly the telegraph booth as well as The Professor is a Doctor Who reference in-game. So if you connect the two... What does this mean for Wizard101? Mysteries upon mysteries. We don't know.. YET! Are they hinting that soon we will find out why those telegraph booths showed up in Test Realm? 

Then at the end of the stream, they mentioned that tomorrow we will have a Lost Pages quest coming. If you forget what Lost Pages quest are, they are a side quest that you have to complete that was spread over a few worlds. You were able to earn a badge and if lucky, receive a gear piece from the Dragon's Hoard pack which is retired.

Not only that, that there will be several surprises coming in October! Are the telegraph booth mystery reveal be one of the surprises for October? But, they said several surprises. So what else do you think they will reveal? Maybe new Halloween fish, new Halloween pack, new Halloween pets? Who knows? But there's one thing we know that's for sure... October is gonna be fun!

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