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Sneak Peeks from Pirate101!

Apparently soon we will have new content coming to Pirate101. Check out their teasers below!

What a cute squid. At first I thought it was a pet, but others disagreed and said it had to be a npc or boss.

Guess they were right, it's a NPC. BLOOP?!? Hehe, so cute. If you notice, he's still in Skull Island. Hmm, wonder what we'll have to do there? Hopefully to find a new key to reach another new world? Polaris, Mirage, Krokotopia, Grizzleheim? Who knows?! Valencia is practically confirmed if you have finished Aquila, there you find out we have to return to Valencia. So yes for sure we are going back there. However, I am hoping that we will get to see yet ANOTHER new world. I am actually hoping for two book expansions or something. I loved having Marleybone and Aquila at once. Since we have waited so long for a new world, I am hoping that it will happen again.

OMG OMG OMG! CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS?! This was something that we pirates have been waiting for a few years for. We wanted the ability to be able to go down inside our ship and decorate it and have ship parties. I guess our dream is becoming a reality with this teaser!

Oooh bundle gauntlet?! SQUEEEEE! It's another thing that us pirates have been waiting for. MORE BUNDLES! We're debating if the building is based off Monsquista or my idea, Mirage.

What do you think? What are your theories? Post in the comments below!

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