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The Black Market of Pirate101

The super cute squid who sells the cool Black Market items

Every tentacle is a vendor. I don't know how the Squid can multi-task like that. He must be a genius.

Nice beard and mustache for a girl, eh?

So there's a brand new Black Market in Pirate101 and with that, we got a new currency - Scrips! You can earn Scrips from an Smuggler's Arena which is bought from the Crown Shop for 7,500 crowns and/or by battling ships and turrets.

The best way to earn scrips is to battle turrets since they drop scrips every time from approximately 1 to 12 scrip per time. Ships drop it randomly, so sometimes you will get it, sometimes not. The smuggler's arena is guaranteed. Even if you win the first battle and not advance, you win scrips. My first battle I did, I earned 8 scrips and you can do the Arena every 2 hours.

Sold in Crown Shop

The Smuggler's Arena

My question to you is do you think the following prices for the Black Market items are way too high? After all, every turret battle you do receive an average of 5 tickets.

Every battle takes approx 5 minutes for a max level. So in a hour, you can do 12 battles per hour. So a hour of 12 battles would total up to 60 scrips. Every day, if you farm 6 hours for scrips, you would earn 360 scrips per day.

6 hours every day for a week would earn 2520 scrips. So the Captain's Quarters: Pirate King Retreat that costs 75,000 scrips would take you almost 30 weeks which translates into 7 and half months.

That's just by battling turrets alone without buying the Smuggler's Arena.

My main question is - Can you really farm 7 and half months for the Captain's Quarters: Pirate King Retreat? Do you think it's too much? Remember the majority of the people in this country do have work, school, time limits, irl issues, etc. So for those people it would be much much longer than 7 and half months.

I have listed all of the furniture details below, so you can see what you would like and figure out how much scrips you would need and how long it would take you. Let me know if you think any of those scrip prices needs to be lowered or not. Even the simple Room Divider End Cap that costs 250 scrips would take you 4,3 hours of turret farming.


Room Divider: End Cap Blank - 100
Room Divider: End Cap - 250
Room Divider: End Cap 2 - 200 
Room Divider: Open 1M - 300
Room Divider: Blank 1M - 100
Room Divider: Blank 2M - 350
Room Divider: Blank 4M - 400
Room Divider: Doorway - 650

Room Divider: Hammock - 2500
Room Divider: Porthole - 800
Room Divider: Large Porthole - 1200
Room Divider: Netting - 450
Room Divider: Shelf - 500
Room Divider: Sink - 300
Room Divider: Large Desk (Green) - 2000
Room Divider: Large Desk (Purple) - 2000
Room Divider: Large Desk (Red) - 2000
Room Divider: Fancy Fireplace - 4000
Room Divider: Water Closet - 900
Room Divider: Large Shelf - 550
Room Divider: Single Bed - 950
Room Divider: Cannon - 1500
Room Divider: Galley - 5000

Skull Island Cabin Walls - 100
Skull Island Cabin Flooring - 100
Monquestian Cabin Walls - 150
Monquestian Cabin Flooring - 150
Cool Ranch Cabin Walls - 200
Cool Ranch Cabin Flooring - 200
Marleybone Cabin Walls - 350
Marleybone Cabin Flooring - 350
Mooshu Cabin Walls - 300
Mooshu Cabin Flooring - 300
Aquilian Cabin Walls - 350
Aquilian Cabin Flooring - 350

Large Safe - 1999
Open Large Safe - 2999
Skull Safe - 19999

Pirate Flag: Green - 200
Pirate Flag: Blue - 200
Pirate Flag: Brown - 200
Pirate Flag: Orange - 200
Pirate Flag: Pink - 200
Pirate Flag: Purple - 200
Pirate Flag: Red - 200
Pirate Flag: Yellow - 200

Folded Towels: White - 25
Folded Towels: Black - 25
Folded Towels: Brown And Tan - 25
Folded Towels: Black and White - 25
Folded Towels: Red And White - 25
Folded Towels: Yellow And Blue - 25
Folded Towels: Green And Orange - 25
Folded Towels: Purple And Green - 25
Folded Towels: Blue - 25
Folded Towels: Blue And Cyan - 25
Folded Towels: Black And Red - 25
Folded Towels: Green - 25
Folded Towels: Pink And White - 25
Folded Towels: Purple And Orange - 25


The Cool Mint - 120
The Vampire - 250

The Navigator - 1200

Captain Smiley - 2500 (Totem)
The Mysterious Stranger - 1200 (Totem)
The Business - 210 (Hat)

Black Market Tarantula - 750

Pirate Banner - 4500 
Buccaneer Banner - 12000
Privateer Banner - 12000
Musketeer Banner - 12000
Swashbuckler Banner - 12000
Witchdoctor Banner - 12000

Master Smuggler's Cowl - 3000
Master Smuggler's Mask - 3000
Master Smuggler's Visor - 3000

Master Smuggler's Garb - 6000
Master Smugglers Mail - 6000
Master Smuggler's Armor - 6000

Master Smuggler's Boots - 1500
Master Smuggler's Greaves - 1500
Master Smuggler's Sabatons - 1500

Captain's Quarters

Pirate King Retreat - 75000
**UPDATE - This Captain's Quarters is now 25,000 in Live**


Pentacles of Tentacles - 750
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  1. Hello! My name is Cel, and I am currently in the process of making an extension for the Smuggler's Arena combat theme and was wondering if I could use one of the screenshots in this article for the video. My YouTube channel can be found here: http://bit.ly/1J5WKgw. Thank you!

  2. Yes you may as long as you credit it to me. Good luck with your video!


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