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Pirate101's First Ever Pillow Fight!

Pirate101's 1st Ever Pillow Fight!

"The Pirates are having a Pillow Fight Event.... What is a Pillow?"
-The Armada Elite

The Pillow Fight event will start on January 31st, 12:01am CST and will last for 24 hours, ending on 11:59pm CST the same day.

For those in other time zones, the event will start on:
1:01am EST
12:01am CST
11:01pm for MTN
10:10pm for PACIFIC.

We will be fighting various mobs and bosses in search for those four pillows -
Embroidered Royal Pillow, Royal Throw Pillow, Embroidered Elegant Throw Pillow and lastly, Embroidered Regal Pillow.

You can sell your pillows once you get them to make room in your bp. And pillows are counted by character, not by account, so make sure you stay on the same character all day long. Winners will be announced on Monday, February 2nd.

So why should you join this event? The top winner will get 60,000 Crowns & the next top ten winners will get 10k Crowns. Now, how sweet is that?!

While searching for suitable places to farm for those pillows, I came up with a short list of places that I will try out. 

My Pillow Drop Picks:
Fin Dorsal in both Gullet, Jonah Town and Temple of Doom, Skull Island.
This shark is a common boss for the pillows when cross referencing.

Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah, The Gold Mine, The Dark Jungle, Sacrifice Cave 
If you haven't gotten the badge from him yet, hey you could pillow farm AND badge farm at the same time!

Bobby Bones, Perdition's Tempest, Flotsam Skyway
This dude still needs to be taught a lesson. He also drops an pretty cool weapon. I love to farm for multiple things at once.

Aztecosaur Blood Lord, The Gold Mine, Cave Tomb
This guy drops a Primitive Greatsword which cannot be found anywhere else. Again, a great place to farm while seeking for those dreaded, evil pillows.

Cutthroats & Troggy Shamans in Skull Mountains, Skull Island
MOBS?! YESSSSSSSSS! Those monsters brings back memories *tears* Don't you remember? We had to deal with them on our very first day in Pirate101!

-The Pillow Terminator

List of Other Places That Drops Pillows

Here's a list of bosses or mobs that drops the pillows. If I am missing any, let me know. Good luck!

*Skull Island*

Cutthroats, Skull Mountain *MOB*
Troggy Shaman, Skull Mountain *MOB*

Fin Dorsal, Temple of Gloom, The Throne Room *ONE FIGHT*
Troggy Chief, Temple of Gloom, Flooded Shrine *ONE FIGHT*

Cutthroat Lackey, The Old Chum, Skull Mountain *ONE FIGHT*

Mogatu, Flooded Tunnels, Renegade Sanctum *ONE FIGHT*
Rebel Water Mole Spearman, Flooded Tunnels, Prison Chamber, Skull Island *ONE FIGHT*
Rebel Witchdoctor, Flooded Tunnels, Skull Island *MOB*
Drowned Zombie, Flooded Tunnels, Skull Island

Wharf Rat Squirt, Ancient Tunnels, Skull Island *MOB*
Undead Houngan, Ancient Tunnels, Skull Island
Frankie Blue Eyes, Ancient Tunnels, Skull Island
Sergeant Seger, Ancient Tunnels, Final Destination, Skull Island *DUNGEON*

Troggy Shaman, Mysterious Tunnels, Temple of Toloc, Skull Island *DUNGEON*
Lord Mixcoatl, Mysterious Tunnels, Temple of Toloc, Skull Island *DUNGEON*

Louis Jerry, Skull Island, Doyle's Shack *ONE FIGHT*

Bosun Finley, Traitor's Cave, Underwater Grotto, Blood Shoals *DUNGEON*

Mack the Shark, The Threepenny Rake ship (part of Blood Shoals quest), Skull Island Skyway *ONE FIGHT*
The Floating Dutchman, Marie Celeste (part of Blood Shoals quest), Skull Island Skyway *DUNGEON*

*Jonah Town*

Fin Dorsal, Gullet Market House, Gullet *ONE FIGHT*


Undead Witchdoctor, Ghost Ship, Flotsam Skyway *ONE FIGHT*
Waponi Witchdoctor, On Canoe Ships, Flotsam Skyway *ONE FIGHT*
Joey Karo, Karo's Lair, Flotsam *ONE FIGHT*

Old Scratch, Shady Hollow, Hoodoo House, Ruined Lighthouse, Flotsam Skyway *DUNGEON*
Drowned Zombie, Shady Hollow, Evil Cave, Ruined Lighthouse, Flotsam Skyway *DUNGEON*

*Gold Mine*

Gortez, The Gold Mine, Valley of the Gold Monkey *DUNGEON*
Rebel Witchdoctor, The Gold Mine *MOB*
Troggy Chief, The Gold Mine, The Dark Jungle *MOB*
Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah, The Gold Mine, The Dark Jungle, Sacrifice Cave *DUNGEON*


Nim, Scrimshaw, The Warrens *DUNGEON*

*Tradeswind Skyway*

Count Brastillo de Brass, The Antilles Maelstrom, Tradeswind Skyway *ONE FIGHT*
Bert Finny, Cutthroat Bay, Cutthroat Cave, Tradeswind Skyway *ONE FIGHT*

*Port Regal Skyway*

Admiral Barnsley, Port Regal Skyway *ONE FIGHT*

"Pillow Fight? What is this hoodoo? This be evil sorcery, my captain!"
-Old Scratch

If you want to get direct information on this event from Pirate101, read about it on their site at: https://www.pirate101.com/free_game/pillow_fight

"CEASE FIRE! Comply or be termin-*gets beaned in the head with a pillow*"
-The Armada (Thanks to Matthew Dragonblade)

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