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A 2014 Review Of Pet Drops in Pirate101

I was wondering how many pets each world had, so I made a list of all pets that were dropped in-game. It was interesting. With the last release, we know that Frog and Scarab were the newest pet drops.

If you look at each world, you could tell that MooShu has the most pet drops. Marleybone is the only world that has no pets that are pure pet drops as in pets that are only obtained by drops from bosses. They are the ones that you can't get from the Crown Shop, Packs, and Pet Wrangling. Skull Island leads in pure pet drops then Mooshu. Valencia is the ONLY world that has NO pets at all of any kind.

Skull Island

Coral Widow *Crown Shop* - Frankie Blue Eyes, Ancient Tunnels
DinoLizard - Ch'ok Ak'ab, Pyramid of Fire, Xol Akmul
Fire Toad - Gortez, Valley of the Gold Monkey, Gold Mine
Quackosaurus - The Master, Master's Lair, and Various Bosses


Scarab - Warden Mendez, Zenda


*None So Far*

Cool Ranch

Armadillo Verde - Various Bosses
Tropical Sky Snake *Crown Shop* - Various Bosses
Golden Stingtail *Crown Shop* - Various Bosses


Corrupted Celestial Dragon - Moo Tower, Nefarious Five, Icy Dock, Subata Skyway
Corrupted Imperial Lion - Moo Tower, Nefarious Five, Icy Dock, Subata Skyway
Ebon Spectre *Crown Pet* - Various Bosses
Silver Buffaloon *Crown Pet*- Friar Sand, North Landing, Temple of East Wind
Tawny Sky Turtle *Pet Wrangling* - Various Bosses


Hedgehog *Pack Pet* - War Golem, Testing Range, Isle of Dogs Dock
Not So Great White Shark *Pet Wrangling* - Captain Swing, Secret Tunnel, Isle of Dogs' Sewers and Various Bosses


Ice Scarab *Pet Wrangling* - Zeena and Various Bosses
Frog - Antinous, Palace of Ulysses, Ithaca

Which world would you like to see more pets being dropped in, even worlds we have not visited yet? Any ideas of what kind of pets you would like to see there? Personally I can't wait for Valencian and Polarian pets. Robots, Penguins, Seals, Polar Bears? Now that would be exciting!

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