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Bounty Hunters in Pirate101

I was finishing up side quests in Marleybone when I met this Bounty Hunter who wanted me to do his work pretty much. I had to rope in four very naughty criminals to show Mann that I can be a great bounty hunter like him. He had the nerve to doubt me which was... hurtful.

Anyway, I realized that we should see more bounty hunters in each world because we are pirates ... obviously. We are a shady bunch who likes to get paid for shady things. Roping in criminals for money makes more sense than finding Zeke's little friends. Heck, we should be our own bounty hunter! Us pirates shouldn't be ordered around, we should just do our thing.

Someone's grumpy...

But honestly, it would be cool to have Bounty Hunter quests in each world that gives us a very good amount of gold or companions as reward when we bring in the people they want captured. Maybe we could even earn a badge that says "Bounty Hunter"? So far as I can remember, in Cool Ranch, the Sheriff there did ask us to bring in criminals which gave us a side companion as a reward. Now that was a nice quest reward. Mann did not give much as a reward however which I wish was changed.

I can imagine Bounty Hunters in Skull Island, Mooshu and even possibly Aquila and Monsquista. Heck, why can't we have Bounty Hunters to be special NPCs that give daily or weekly quests? I would love that. It'd definitely keep me busy in-game when there's no new additions to the game.

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