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Dragonspyre - Room For Improvement?

A month ago, for some strange reason, I was thinking about Dragonspyre while shoveling snow for the 100th time this winter. I was thinking about a certain tweet that went like this..

"Wizard101, please fix it that we don't have to do the Labyrinth... TWICE!"

I was like, believe me, I know you feel. Then I remembered another tweet I read months ago that was also about the Labyrinth that went something like this.

"If there was an quest, I would decline to do... It's the Obsidian Chest quest. I mean the quest is so long, then I have to do the Labyrinth which is even longer? Blahhhhhhhhh!'

Then I remembered that from Wizard101's own stats, it showed that Malistaire has been defeated over 566,595 times. Even though we have tens of millions of players, this shows that only 566,596 finished Dragonspyre. But what about those tens of millions? So many characters has not even advanced pass Level 50.

All of the sudden, a light bulb lit up above my head. It was the world that was probably the problem that discourages wizards to advance pass Level 50 or even finish the world.

So my question is...
What would you do to improve Dragonspyre?!

I remember while questing my multiple characters through that world that I did encounter a few problems.

  • The world is so dark, brooding and depressing. It just made me want to lag behind. Everything seems to blend into the same old thing. Red, black, lava, smoky sky.
  • The Labyrinth Problem - We do the dungeon TWICE?! Why? I even remember dreading to do my school quest in there. I had to buy crowns just to complete it..
  • The flow and quests in certain areas seems to take so much time. Not sure if it's the story line or the battles. But it just doesn't seem terribly exciting.
  • Too many back and forths. We return to the Crucible twice. The Drake Hatchery twice? Was kinda confusing.
  • I would've loved to explore more in depth with the Dragonspyre schools. 
But if you could improve the Dragonspyre, what would you want to improve?
What did you see as speed bump or roadblocks in that world?
Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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  1. I would take it some of the collect quests to make it go a bit faster :-)

  2. Well there are a lot of free-to-play players, and then a whole lot who quit, and then even more who made several characters/accounts, and then the people who made/deleted characters, and those who simply made characters to not beat Malistaire at all. And take into consideration that Malistaire was also farmed, too.

  3. Ok, why did they quit? That's what I'm curious about. Why this world? Why just up to 50? It's an interesting question. Yes Malistaire is farmed, but only 500k chars have beat this guy. So if you are farming this guy, you are defeating him. That's included in the figure. It does not make sense.

  4. Not sure why they quit but I'm betting that a HUGE portion of the actual player number that KI advertises is free-to-play or just trying out and they don't see much worth in the game.

  5. There is room for improvements. For myth I've had to do the labyrinth 3 times. It's awful. I feel like they should take out he obsidian chests in the labyrinth. It would make the quest so much more shorter and we could save time.


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