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Rise And Destroy: A New Mobile Game From KingsIsle

Yesterday, KingsIsle announced that they are bringing out a brand new mobile game that is not even in the KingsIsle101 universe. The monsters are supposed to keep their planet safe. But when they were sleeping, the humans moved in, stole their technolog, kidnapped their friends and built all over the world. So you and your monster have to go and stomp on human towns, get the monster friends back as well as the stolen technology!


I believe on the bottom are the action buttons you can use to boost the monster you have been using.

Yay, one human town down, and more to go!

You buy new monsters with crystals right now. The more costly, the better. However, there is nothing in the gold shop to purchase of yet.

Crystals are like crowns, you have to buy them with real money. Apparently when you start playing, you don't really have crystals to play with.

But you can earn free crowns using the Tapjoy Offer Wall or view videos!

This is your monster's home that you get to update and upgrade.

Right now, Rise and Destroy is not available worldwide. It is only available in Ireland and Australia. However it will be released worldwide in Fall 2015. And it will be available for both iOS and Android.

Thanks to Dovahkiin Emmaline for allowing me to use her photos for this blog post.

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