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The Brand New Grand Tourney Gauntlet Bundle From Wizard101!

Thank you to Sierra Redshield for allowing me to visit and allowing me to put up pictures of her gear, pet, mount, gauntlet.

Now from Walmart, you can purchase an awesome Avalon themed Gauntlet bundle for only $39! With this bundle, you get an incredibly cute squirrel in armor pet, an beautiful dashing jousting horse mount, and an Avalon Themed jousting gear complete with a Jousting Weapon!

The Avalon Themed Gauntlet

Four Tents, Four Battles, Four Times You Have To Prove Yourself!

I had to take a picture of this guy because he was just too neat!


I won't tell you how they go because you should see it for yourself. Be aware that they are pretty easy even though they cheat. And with every battle, you could get hoard pack drops, jewels. pets , seeds and more. When you finish the entire gauntlet. You get a badge and a cool housing furniture, The Lady's Favor.

The Other Items In The Bundle

The amazing thing about this bundle is that the gear, pet and yes, even the MOUNT are dyeable!

To view the pictures closer, simply click on them for them to expand to a larger size.

If you want to view Level 0-90 Gear and Wand stats, Click Here.

If you want to view the pet's stats, talents, slots and more, Click Here.

The Brand New Grand Tourney Gauntlet Bundle From Wizard101! The Brand New Grand Tourney Gauntlet Bundle From Wizard101! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Saturday, June 06, 2015 Rating: 5

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  1. The robe is SOOOOOO OP OMG. I'm getting it asap from ebay.


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