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Wizard101 Test Realm: Seed Vault

Introducing a brand new seed storage - the Seed Vault! You now can store up to 100 seeds without it flooding your attic, bank and backpack. I know I'm not the only one who's sighing in relief! Next time the Gardening Member Benefit comes around, this Seed Vault will be highly useful!

You now can buy the Seed Vault from the Crown Shop for 1995 Crowns or buy the crafting recipe for it from Toshio in Jade Palace, Mooshu. You must be an Initiate Crafter in order to craft it.

Recipe Cost: 10,000 Gold
Cooldown Timer: 18:20:00
Housing Crafting Station Required
Initiate Crafter Required

Recipe Ingredients:
10 Pest Zapper TC
10 Dragonflies TC
25 Pink Dandelion
5 Braided Vine
50 Deep Mushroom
10 Flawless Amethyst
50 Mist Wood

How does it work?

It works just like the Music Players. If you are still confused, let me explain how!

Once you pull your Seed Vault from your Backpack to place it down at your house. Click on it again to see a Seed Icon above it.

Click on the seed icon to open the interface within it.

To move a seed from your Backpack to the Seed Vault, pick any seed you want to move and click on the button on the bottom of the screen with the plus sign.

To view what seeds are in the Seed Vault, simply click on the Seed Tab.

To move a Seed from the Seed Vault to your Backpack, click on the minus sign button on the bottom of the stored seeds screen.

That's it! Good luck!

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