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Wizard101's Vine Peeks For The Upcoming Summer Test Realm

So far, Wizard101's vines are showing quite a few peeks for the upcoming Summer Test Realm. Fishing in Celestia, Shiny Plants, New Bosses or Dungeons? Blinged out pets?!

I am listing the new content in order from top to bottom. 1 for the one I'm mostly excited about, 4 for the one I'm least excited about.

1. Celestia Fishing

I gotta admit that I'm mostly excited for Celestia fishing. I'm hoping for new fishing spells, new fishing levels and of course as always new fishes! Sorry people, I'm a fisherperson.

2. New Bosses or Dungeons

The second thing I'm excited about is possibly the new bosses or dungeons. I think that they might be new skeleton key bosses? Or we'll have four new dungeons? Whatever it is, it should be quite interesting! I wonder what they could drop? I hope good stuff!

3. Blinged Out Pets

Blinged out pets? I wonder what we will be able to socket! If they're good stuff, it would make making perfect pets a lot easier and less stressful.

4. Shiny Plants

Lastly, the shiny plants. They are probably new gardening spells. But what could it be? I am hoping for spells that last for a few days. Would make gardening fun again! I sure hope that we don't have new gardening levels. Getting to Level 20 was hard enough. And I'm not even Level 20 yet!!! Just three more levels to go.

What about you? Which new content are you excited for the most and the least?

Wizard101's Vine Peeks For The Upcoming Summer Test Realm Wizard101's Vine Peeks For The Upcoming Summer Test Realm Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 Rating: 5

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