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How To Be A Great Leader

Empress Antuskette was the Empress of Polaris until the Patriote army revolts against her rule and dethrones her. They did not like how she ruled Polaris and greatly disliked her. Apparently, she made for a very bad leader. So what makes a great leader?

Leader should encourage and praise others.

A Leader should be fair and kind to everyone.

Leader should not insult or degrade others.

Leader should listen and understand others' side, even if they disagree.

Leader should be able to understand, accept and handle differences with others.

Leader should keep a positive atmosphere.

Leader should try to help their team work as one unit.

A Leader should not carry grudges.

A Leader should remain humble because they were new once.

A Leader should not walk over people, but to pull them along with them as well as lead them to greatness.

A Leader should not encourage drama, start drama or even let drama drag on.

A Leader should keep an open communication at all times with others.

The above tips are also great for people who want to be future leaders. I bet if Empress Antuskette followed the above tips, she would still have been the Empress of Polaris. If you can think of any others I've missed, let me know.

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