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Badges and Side Quests in Pirate101 Test Realm

Want to earn all of the badges in Valencia Part 2, but don't know what you could get and what side quests you need to complete to get those badges? I have listed all of them below.

Exploration Badges

Calabrian Explorer - Discover the Calabria Skyway (the easiest badge you'll get lol)

Florenzan Grand Tourist - Saw Beautiful Florenza!

Quest Badges

Librarian-in-Training - Help the Ulpian Library get its shelves in order

Diplomatic Community - Prove your worth as a Monquistan diplomat

Bob's Not My Uncle - Finish Bob's My Uncle

Chapter Badges

Master of Intrigue - Complete Chapter 38

Savior of the Spiral - Complete Chapter 39

Level 70 Class Badges

Sniper - Reach Level 70 as a Musketeer

Blade Dancer - Reach Level 70 as a Swashbuckler

Nautical Level Badges

Admiral - Reach Nautical Level 70

Line Admiral - Reach Nautical Level 80

Combat Badges

Kane's Conqueror - Defeat Kane 1 Time

Kane's Nemesis - Defeat Kane 10 Times

Maybe there's more badges after this. We aren't sure yet.

Calabria Skyway Side Quests

Quests You Can Pick Up Right Away

Seal of Approval - Zokei Bai-Mi, Florenza Dock - 1000xp

See Beautiful Florenza! - Alfonso Buitoni, Florenza by the main foundation - 1880xp
(You earn the Florenzian Grand Tourist badge when you complete the above quest)

Strike Force! - Gerardo Dandini, Florenza by the main foundation - 2470xp

Due Unto Others - Ludovico Muratori, Florenza Library - 1000xp

Garden State of Emergency - Fortuno, Housing Vendor, Florenza Gardens - 1720xp

Caviar Emptor! - Alexei Zhukovitch, Florenza Tavern - 1720xp

Let Flying Fish Lye - Knut Honeypaw, Palazzo Atria, Florenza - 1470xp

The Help - Hawtius Maximus, Palazzo Atria, Florenza - 1470xp

Pizza Delivery - Vittorio Gatti, Tower of Pizza, Florenza - 1000xp

Quests That Will Pop Up Later

Some of the quests below might pop up after completing the main story line quest, "Desperately Seeking Desdemona."

Look To The Skies! - Giovanni Cassini, Totem Vendor, Florenza
(You earn the Master of Intrigue badge when you complete the above quest)

Aragon In 60 Seconds - Ludovico Muratori, Ulpian Library, Florenza

There's one more side quest that I think Viggario from Halls of Justice in Florenza gives called "Orange Is The New Lack." But I'm not sure if the quest name is accurate. I do remember him giving a side quest, but can't recall the quest name. Let me know if you do know the correct quest name. I will credit you of course.

And of course, if there's any other side quests that I've missed, let me know.

Thanks Harmony Everhart for your assistance with this!

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