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Brand New Bundle from Wizard101!

Thanks to Cheyenne Nightweaver for allowing us to visit her clockwork gauntlet. You can buy the Great Clockwork bundle from Target and possibly Walmart as well for $39.

What you get from this bundle is a Clockwork Gauntlet, Valencian Steed Mount with 2% Pierce, a super cute Battle Cherub Pet with a Guardian Spirit card, cool Valencian looking gears and sword.

What's Inside The Clock Tower? 

Inside The Gauntlet

If it's familiar to you, I know you play Pirate101 because there you will see this area as well. In Pirate101, they just added a new expansion to the Valencia world and one of the areas in it is Florenza. The gauntlet greatly resembles Florenza. Hope that encourages you guys to play Pirate101!

The Other Stuff

We will add more gear stats soon. Stay tuned!

My Opinion

The drops were not that great to be honest. You could get reagents such as brass, steel, but also platinum. You could get treasure cards such as cold iron, potboiler, etc. But you also could get the rare Crimenea treasure cards as well. I also got clock related items such as Clockwork Flower seed, Grandfather Clock, Wall Clock, etc.

However, Johnny of Wizards of the Spiral was able to get a Steel Golem pet which is something we all have been waiting years for!

The health amounts of the mobs as well as the boss in this gauntlet was really way too low. With all players at Level 110, you could get the boss coming in at 6300 health. You have only four fights in this gauntlet, the first two being mobs. Then you have Lugs as a minor boss. Then Lucia, the major boss in the final fight. Both bosses do cheat. They are minor annoying cheats, but manageable. With a team, you can finish a run really fast.

I would have my doubts buying this bundle to be honest just based from what was dropped. There wasn't even a badge. Although the pet that comes with this bundle is just too cute for words!

Let us know what you have gotten from there so far in the comments below.

Brand New Bundle from Wizard101! Brand New Bundle from Wizard101! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 Rating: 5

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