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New Class Powers & Talents in Pirate101 Test Realm

I was able to check out what was new in Pirate101 regarding powers and talents we can train from our class trainers. Check them out below.


Alert 2 (Talent) - Level 67
Requires Alert 1, Gambit of Steel

Riposte Rank 3 (Talent) - Level 70
Requires Riposte 2, Gambit of Steel, First Strike 3


Turn The Tide 3 (Talent) - Level 67
Requires Turn The Tide 2, Reckless Frenzy

The Reaper (Power) - Level 70
Requires Reckless Frenzy


Mojo Echo 2 (Talent) - Level 67
Requires Mojo Echo 1

Mojo Burn (Power) - Level 70
Requires Stygian Chorus


Repel Boarders 2 (Talent) - Level 67
Requires Repel Boarders 1

Blast of Discord (Power) - Level 70
Requires Dress The Line


Quick Draw 3 (Talent) - Level 67
Requires: Quick Draw 2, Uncanny Shot, Scatter Spike, Canister Shot

Double Tap 3 (Talent) - Level 70
Requires Double Tap 2, Bounding Overwatch

I was a bit disappointed with the Swashbuckler and Musketeer. They simply had upgraded talents. I wanted a power and a cool card. The other classes' power cards also honestly looks cool! Oh well, we will see if this really will stick to live realm or they will be changed.

New Class Powers & Talents in Pirate101 Test Realm New Class Powers & Talents in Pirate101 Test Realm Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Friday, June 03, 2016 Rating: 5

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