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The Brand New Daily Assignment Event for Wizard101

The Daily Assignments now has its own event. From today to August 11th, we will be receiving double rewards. This means double gold, double tickets, double crowns, and better chest rewards!

Normal Schedule for our Daily Assignments

Event Schedule for our Daily Assignments

This event means that we are going to receive 23 days of double rewards. Let's see how much gold, tickets, crowns we get if we start this event today and keep going until August 11th.

Gold - 19,800
Arena Tickets - 70 Tickets
Crowns - 140

This just for ONE character.

If you did all six characters, you get:

Gold - 118,800
Arena Tickets - 420
Crowns - 840

Yep, this is pretty sweet. And this doesn't even count the chest rewards. You could get jewels, pets, mounts, furniture and much more.

Apparently from what Paige Skyhaven told us, if you got a 7 day mount normally, you will get a 15 day mount instead. It made me think immediately that what if you got something good normally, like a good jewel, a pet, amazing furniture.. I can't imagine what "double" could mean for those normal items? An epic rare jewel? A new furniture never found before? A brand new pet never seen before? I can't wait to find out! One of her characters did get a Burnzilla pet, which was incredible since it's a card pet!

So far, we know of a new pet, the Freckled Piggle that is found from the chest rewards. Keep them coming, what else will we find?!

My only question is for those who have a quest on Day 12, what could  "double" mean for it? The rewards, the xp, what?

Go and give this new Daily Assignment event a try and let us know what you guys get!

7/28 UPDATE: 

This means that this benefit will give you chest rewards not found during the normal Daily Assignment time.

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