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More Recipes & Badges Please!

So here we go, more ideas from the super weird Kelsey Fireheart's very zany brain. Keep in mind that this should apply to both Wizard101 and Pirate101. Hopefully when Pirate101 introduces crafting, they would keep my ideas in mind as well.

Furniture Recipes

One recipe I know would be well received are the school icon blocks that you can find in the houses of Serpentine Escape. But what else would you like to craft? Church pews? More antique cars? For Pirate101, I would love to craft houses that's for sure!

Crafting Table Recipes

I also would love to be able to craft new crafting tables for our schools. I would love a fire themed one that does everything, jewels, cards, reagents, furniture, etc etc. A massive cool fire crafting table. For Pirate101, it would be class themed!

Crafting Badges

I felt like we needed more recipes and badges to spice up the crafting and drop categories. For example, you should get a badge if you make 10 Carousels.

Drop Badges

We also need drop badges. Pick the rarest furniture and if you get 5 of those, you get a badge. For gear, if you get the complete gear or get a certain super super rare gear/weapon piece, you should get a badge.

Fast Runner Badges

For those who hit the max level first up to 4 people (cause four people can level up at once by chance if they're in the same battle,) they should get a super exclusive badge that nobody else can get. This would also be a great incentive for people to buy crowns and stuff in the Crown Shop by the way. This would be a great time to introduce speed potions in game.

So what other badges or recipes would you want in game for Wizard101 and/or Pirate101? Let us know.

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