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My Favorite Memory of Playing Video Games

It's National Video Games Day and I start thinking about my best memory of playing video games.

I was ten years old and I would be constantly fighting with my brother over the brand new game on our Nintendo game console called... Super Mario Bros! "LET ME PLAY! IT'S MY TURN!!!" we would scream at each other.

It was 1989, maybe 1990 I think. I was only 9, 10 years old and my brother was 7, 8. Even though he was two years younger, he kicked my butt all of the time. He would always be able to get pass levels I would be stuck at. I remember being angry and confused, wondering how the heck he was able to do it. It just made me want to work harder and be just as good as he was.

I loved Donkey King, Sonic the Hedgehog and of course Mario & Luigi. We started out on Nintendo, but we also had Sony. Those days were the best haha. We would play for 30 minutes or a hour, then play outside all day. My brother still can kick my butt at games. Constantly. It's annoying. But I guess that's why you have brothers for lol.

What was your favorite memory of playing video games?

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